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I Love My Life

March 27, 2006

I spent my entire weekend at home in my room. I always loved being sent to my room as a child. That meant I could read.

I was having such a great time playing Scott's kirtan CD and dancing and writing and talking on the phone and emailing people. I hate to leave, but I need to go to work in 15 minutes. I was pretty isolated this weekend in some ways, but I wasn't. I was feeling my connection. Some of my favorite people called me. I breathed in bed and in the bathtub. I get high on that stuff – oxygen. I danced to the kirtan.

So, I was looking for an evening when I could meet a friend and realized that I have a fabulous week planned. I have something to look forward to every single night. I love that. Mercury sure went direct with a vengeance! Pluto goes retrograde Wednesday, right on my Sun and Midheaven. Wonder what that will look like?

Monday night – kirtan and darshan with Hindu guru

Tuesday night – flow chiropractic, then spend the night with a girlfriend

Wednesday night – dinner and Rolfing with a friend (I said Boulderites make weird dates.)

Thursday night – The Work of Byron Katie practice with a friend

Friday night – Quantum Wealth work with a friend and dinner, maybe some live music by my favorite Sagittarian with Venus in Scorpio besides myself.

Saturday night – last Polyamory Sacred Sexuality Potluck. I helped found the group back when I was still poly, so I feel I'd like to at least show up for a while. Besides, the hostess is doing fondue.

Okay, that's enough for now. I'm going to let this kirtan, Durga Ma, sink into me enough to carry it with me during the day now that radios are banned at work.




Whee! I Have A Laptop

March 25, 2006

Oh. I said that already, didn’t I?

Well, I get it back today because my friend had to take her data off of it.

Now I can go *write* in a coffee shop and not be all alone in my room. Alone’s great for lots of things, but I really like company more often than not.


She just arrived. I hear her Harley.




Wow, March 23 Already?

March 24, 2006

I need a vacation.

I’ve been at the same customer service job for 6 months, and they haven’t hired any of us yet. It’s getting old. The company seems to be having some internal problems and shifts going on. I’m not sure what they are, but people are tense and they’re doing what a lot of companies do in that case, they’re trying to get the employees they have to do more.

I think with enough praise and encouragement it’s possible. Unfortunately, they have not started with praise and encouragement. They are becoming critical. I don’t think that’s going to help. It is not helping me, and I’m one of the ones who is making and exceeding most of the goals they set. So, for me, at least, the criticism is demoralizing.

I took last Friday off. It was St. Patrick’s Day. I didn’t do much of note on Friday, but Saturday I went to Indian Springs and soaked in the hot springs and spread mud all over my body several times. That was *great*! (Thank you D & N!)

I’m open to new ideas if you have any.





March 18, 2006

I *have* a laptop!

A friend’s mother gave her a new laptop. She was going to give her old one to her grandmother, but it had a couple of problems she wasn’t sure her grandmother would want to deal with. So she is buying her grandmother a new one.

She sold me her old one!!! At a *very* reasonable price!!!


I’m mobile!


I Want a Lap

March 15, 2006


I was asking my favorite geeks about the cost and what to expect in a laptop. I had looked on Ebay and found some for as little as $200 that looked like they had what I want (XP, internet, MS Office… I do *not* want any alternative stuff like they use. It makes me crazy. The keys don’t do what I expect them to do.)

Anyways, the first geek friend to reply said I need to spend at least $300 or I run a greater risk of having a bad battery or keys that don’t work. Phooey. Okay $300.

The next geek guy to respond (Geek Guys Rule – there’s an article on that. Do a search.) told me that for “just a little bit” more, I could have a brand new Dell… for $500.

I pointed out to him that I made $8277 last year and the difference between $200 (now $300) and $500 was not small to me when I don’t make $80,000 a year like he does. Geez, he made 10 times what I did last year. I had not thought about it like that. I guess $500 is very different then. Of course, that’s a thought I want to question, too.

Ireland comes first in my finances right now. I want to go to Ireland for the Celtic Spirituality & Modern Cosmology class even more than I want a laptop and believe it or not, yes, this is me, more than I want a car right now.

It’s a lesson in non-attachment, I guess.

I’ve been very attached to driving since I was 13. Yes, before I could even drive. What do you expect with my Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Midheaven in Sagittarius?

When I do get another car, I want another green Subaru Forester. I put 103,000 miles on that first one, in about 3 years.

My name’s Stacy and I’m a drive-a-holic.

I want a laptop, too.



I Did It!

March 14, 2006

No, not that!  I’ve been doing *that* for years.

I mailed my lodging deposit to Ireland!

This morning, at 7:45 am I mailed my deposit to the Irish writer’s retreat where I will spend a week in Ireland studying Celtic Spirituality and Modern Cosmology the first of September!

I am *so* excited!

I’ve never been off the continent before, you know. Now, I need to gather $3000 to handle the tuition, the remainder of my lodging and airfare.

I can hardly wait!

The Wrong Door?

March 11, 2006

I got a newsletter today from Tama Kieves, author of “This Time I Dance! How One Harvard Lawyer Left It All to Have It All.” She says the Universe won’t let the wrong door open. Indeed.

Today I found out that Gaiam is now in a hiring freeze.

The budget will not be ready until May.

Looks to me like the wrong door is not opening.

Whaddaya think?





March 10, 2006

Coffee is and isn’t my friend. I love the taste of it sometimes. Sometimes I can drink it and be fine. Other times I drink it and my kidneys hurt. I am still not sure why sometimes it’s okay and other times it’s not. Variables include the coffee itself (like Starbucks can be an instant issue), the timing (like how is my body doing, how well are things flowing through), and I don’t know what else. 

I can’t condemn any one food for anything at all.

I found out last year that Lance, my favorite chiropractor outside of Colorado, drinks espresso! I was shocked.

Then I thought about it. Lance is one of the most non-judgmental people I’ve ever met. He is more aligned in what I call Spontaneous Right Action than most people I’ve ever known. So, why would Lance drink espresso?

I dunno.

And I don’t want to get all caught up in some kind of “what does the teacher do and why” kinda thing. That can be annoying and very disempowering.

At the same time, Lance is a health practitioner and one who has shown me better bodily flow and health than I’ve ever known. I’ve experienced miracles on his table.

So, then I wonder, how to clear myself, my body, my thoughts, so that I don’t attach to coffee (or any substance) in an unhealthy way? So it can flow.

That might mean quitting it. That might mean a cleanse. That might mean all kinds of things.

That reminds me. Gaiam is selling something they’re calling “Body Purifying Foot Pads.” It’s essentially vinegar and some herbs. It’s supposed to stimulate the kidney 1 meridian to release toxins. Anyone know whether or not this is true?

It might help my coffee dilemma.

Blog Safety

March 8, 2006

Good morning,

A couple of people, some with known social anxiety disorders, have cautioned me against using my real name in this blog.

One asked me to use a pseudonym for him. Fine. Another asked not to be mentioned. Not an option, but she can have a pseudonym, too.

Please let me know your preferences. I’ll start an Excel sheet to keep my brain straight with all these freakin’ names.



Good Morning, Boys & Girls!

March 5, 2006

When he got my blog address, my friend, John, observed that as much time as I spend at the keyboard, I could write 4 books a year! He’s probably right, and you all know what I do with the word, “probably.” (If you don’t, you haven’t been reading my sig quotes closely enough.)

Was it John Cougar Mellencamp who sang, “I need a lover who won’t drive me crazy?” Clearly a mid to late Relationship Lessons song. And it doesn’t really matter if *I’m* pretty much done with all that drama trauma crap if I have someone around me who’s still into it. I am making more of my decisions based on how much of that I want to deal with… like, none.

At the same time, I’m encouraged in noticing that other people around me, even close to me, can have all kinds of drama going on, and I just can’t buy it. I know it isn’t real, doesn’t matter and that, well, they will grow out of it. I don’t mean to be condescending in the least. We all know how dramatic my life has been at times and at the time I thought it was almost fun, believed it was necessary, and had no idea how not to have that in my life. Now I do. I’m seeing face-to-face more. (Mirror darkly, and all that.) And nearly everytime I hear a clearly false statement, my mind says, “Is it true?” or “Who would you be without that story?”

Hmm, even that quote thing is kind of funny. I don’t really care to put the whole quote verbatim and get it right, must be my Scholar is asleep and/or is taking it’s rightful place as a *Secondary* more. Just an interesting thing to note.

I really want to know how you’re doing, what’s going on with you.

I realiize no one is as out there as I am and not on such personal topics. I’d really appreciate it, though, if you could take a stab at talking to me here. I’m really wanting to transition out of the emails a little.

You just click “Comment” below and it gives you a very simple space in which to do that.