Coffee is and isn’t my friend. I love the taste of it sometimes. Sometimes I can drink it and be fine. Other times I drink it and my kidneys hurt. I am still not sure why sometimes it’s okay and other times it’s not. Variables include the coffee itself (like Starbucks can be an instant issue), the timing (like how is my body doing, how well are things flowing through), and I don’t know what else. 

I can’t condemn any one food for anything at all.

I found out last year that Lance, my favorite chiropractor outside of Colorado, drinks espresso! I was shocked.

Then I thought about it. Lance is one of the most non-judgmental people I’ve ever met. He is more aligned in what I call Spontaneous Right Action than most people I’ve ever known. So, why would Lance drink espresso?

I dunno.

And I don’t want to get all caught up in some kind of “what does the teacher do and why” kinda thing. That can be annoying and very disempowering.

At the same time, Lance is a health practitioner and one who has shown me better bodily flow and health than I’ve ever known. I’ve experienced miracles on his table.

So, then I wonder, how to clear myself, my body, my thoughts, so that I don’t attach to coffee (or any substance) in an unhealthy way? So it can flow.

That might mean quitting it. That might mean a cleanse. That might mean all kinds of things.

That reminds me. Gaiam is selling something they’re calling “Body Purifying Foot Pads.” It’s essentially vinegar and some herbs. It’s supposed to stimulate the kidney 1 meridian to release toxins. Anyone know whether or not this is true?

It might help my coffee dilemma.


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