I Want a Lap


I was asking my favorite geeks about the cost and what to expect in a laptop. I had looked on Ebay and found some for as little as $200 that looked like they had what I want (XP, internet, MS Office… I do *not* want any alternative stuff like they use. It makes me crazy. The keys don’t do what I expect them to do.)

Anyways, the first geek friend to reply said I need to spend at least $300 or I run a greater risk of having a bad battery or keys that don’t work. Phooey. Okay $300.

The next geek guy to respond (Geek Guys Rule – there’s an article on that. Do a search.) told me that for “just a little bit” more, I could have a brand new Dell… for $500.

I pointed out to him that I made $8277 last year and the difference between $200 (now $300) and $500 was not small to me when I don’t make $80,000 a year like he does. Geez, he made 10 times what I did last year. I had not thought about it like that. I guess $500 is very different then. Of course, that’s a thought I want to question, too.

Ireland comes first in my finances right now. I want to go to Ireland for the Celtic Spirituality & Modern Cosmology class even more than I want a laptop and believe it or not, yes, this is me, more than I want a car right now.

It’s a lesson in non-attachment, I guess.

I’ve been very attached to driving since I was 13. Yes, before I could even drive. What do you expect with my Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Midheaven in Sagittarius?

When I do get another car, I want another green Subaru Forester. I put 103,000 miles on that first one, in about 3 years.

My name’s Stacy and I’m a drive-a-holic.

I want a laptop, too.




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