Whee! I Have A Laptop

Oh. I said that already, didn’t I?

Well, I get it back today because my friend had to take her data off of it.

Now I can go *write* in a coffee shop and not be all alone in my room. Alone’s great for lots of things, but I really like company more often than not.


She just arrived. I hear her Harley.





2 Responses to “Whee! I Have A Laptop”

  1. Jenne Says:


    Hey sweet thing! I’m hoping my new e-mail account works better than my old one. Yea for you and your new lap top! That’s awesome! I’m taking the message of your new blogging habit to be that I can comment here to you more, and less via e-mail, though e-mail is private, and this a public space. Right? Well, you know I’m not much of a privacy person, anyway. As to coffee, in small to moderate ammounts, coffee has been proven (by science, anyway) to be beneficial to concentration, and to aid in the firing of the brain. I think the problem is that America doesn’t do small to moderate. In Italy, they seem to do one shot of espresso with milk, almost in leiu of breakfast, and then maybe another shot without milk after dinner if they’re going to be up late. I think that’s not too much. Espresso is a better choice for purity, as the grounds don’t stay in contact with the water as long, and therefore don’t release as much of the other substances in the beans, only the oils. If you like the strength and size of the normal drip cup, you can dilute a shot in a six ounce cup of hot water, a single Americano. Speaking of coffee, I haven’t had any in a week, and have been off smoking for almost two months!!! I miss you, and think of you often, and now that I know how to blog with you, I will!

  2. Stacy Says:


    OMYGOD! Of all the people I thought might reply to my blog, I never imagined you’d be on a computer long enough to do it.

    I LOVE YOU! (whether or not you reply on my blog)

    When are you coming to Colorado? Do you know I’m going to Ireland in September? Did we talk about that?

    Off cigarettes? Praise Shiva! Probably the perfect god for that one, too.

    Loving you,

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