I Love My Life

I spent my entire weekend at home in my room. I always loved being sent to my room as a child. That meant I could read.

I was having such a great time playing Scott's kirtan CD and dancing and writing and talking on the phone and emailing people. I hate to leave, but I need to go to work in 15 minutes. I was pretty isolated this weekend in some ways, but I wasn't. I was feeling my connection. Some of my favorite people called me. I breathed in bed and in the bathtub. I get high on that stuff – oxygen. I danced to the kirtan.

So, I was looking for an evening when I could meet a friend and realized that I have a fabulous week planned. I have something to look forward to every single night. I love that. Mercury sure went direct with a vengeance! Pluto goes retrograde Wednesday, right on my Sun and Midheaven. Wonder what that will look like?

Monday night – kirtan and darshan with Hindu guru

Tuesday night – flow chiropractic, then spend the night with a girlfriend

Wednesday night – dinner and Rolfing with a friend (I said Boulderites make weird dates.)

Thursday night – The Work of Byron Katie practice with a friend

Friday night – Quantum Wealth work with a friend and dinner, maybe some live music by my favorite Sagittarian with Venus in Scorpio besides myself.

Saturday night – last Polyamory Sacred Sexuality Potluck. I helped found the group back when I was still poly, so I feel I'd like to at least show up for a while. Besides, the hostess is doing fondue.

Okay, that's enough for now. I'm going to let this kirtan, Durga Ma, sink into me enough to carry it with me during the day now that radios are banned at work.




One Response to “I Love My Life”

  1. Jenne Says:

    Just thought I’d take a few minutes while my I mud mask my face to write you again. (This internet thing is pretty cool) I’m having such fun detoxing, I feel like a snake shedding. I’m also doing nutritional testing through Cheryl, my friend and naturopathic doctor. I think I’ll learn some new things about my body. I’m excited about the new beginnings week we have ahead of us!!! Sounds like you’re off to a great start. Think I’ll kick off with some exercise and cleaning.

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