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April 26, 2006

I am nearly mobile again!

The Goddess of Gunbarrel, LB, has given me a car!!! The car was given to her once upon a time about 2 years ago. I paid her $10 for it. Yes, it has 185,000 plus miles on it. Yes, it needs an oil change and a tune up immediately, do not pass go.

Yes, I am one of the most fortunate and blessed beings on the planet. I hardly know what to say.

On top of that, my roommate just gave me a new air filter and put some stuff in the gas tank to help it!!!

I'd be writing in bold, 30 point type and italicizing and underlining in rainbow colors to tell you how I'm feeling. I'm ecstatic.

No, I won't be driving it to work unless there is an emergency. I don't know that it can take that every day.

But it's a car and I'm just ecstatic. Did I say that already?

I had Body Balance, Osteo Pro Care and a multivitamin for dinner. I think I need to go lay down, get some sleep and get ready for what tomorrow may bring.

Things are popping around here!

Blessed be! Jai Guru Dev! Aho mi takuye oyasin! Praise Shiva! Praise the Lord! And Jesus rules!



Data Dumps & Resurrections

April 17, 2006


Pluto is conjunct my natal Sun.

Have I mentioned this? Yes. Will I mention it again? Probably. 😉

The best thing to do when dancing with Pluto is to let go. If I don't, things may be whisked from my grasp anyway. It's challenging.

I've let go of living in Boulder, living in Colorado (short term, at least so far), owning the best car I ever had, 4 double stacked shelves of books, 2 precious wonderful cats, and more in the past year.

Now I've let go of all the Contacts, Calendar items and Email in Outlook.

It seemed involuntary yesterday, but I took all the actions that resulted in this situation. It's weird. I unwittingly did things in exactly the manner that would guarantee that some of this could not be recovered.

Yes, there is still some slim chance of synching with my Palm Pilot maybe, but it was low on batteries and has not turned on since I changed them. It may rise again. It has done this before.

Yesterday was spent mostly in despair, despondency and exasperation with a little assist from some pesky hormonal peaks. But even as I went through it, I could feel the questioning. I knew it wouldn't last. It's just like Katie says. "I question my thoughts and they let go of me."

Thank God for Sean! He held my hand. He let me cry and blather and fiddle and curse and get exasperated. I have no clue how he kept his cool. Well, he's a professional. (Ghostbuster's reference… did you catch that one, Kurt?)

Once again, I am brought to my knees by the enormity of a friend's sacrifice. He had major tasks to do at his own job, working on the weekend, but he carved out several hours to drive at least an hour to help me out of this jam. He recovered nearly everything I lost.

Thank you, Sean. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And the rest of you, please email me with your phone numbers and addresses. I've got some resurrection to do.




April 9, 2006

A while back I found out that one of my best friends from childhood, Kacey, was in ministerial school in California. While yes, I am, too, mine is vastly different from hers.

She, apparently, gets to do the standard, traditional, learn-the-Bible, practice preaching, kinda thing. My program has nothing like that.

Could I do her program? No, probably not.

It sounds like a very Christian standard program. I'm not a standard Christian by any stretch, so neither is my program. But how do I get the opportunity to preach? To have a place and a community?

Yeah, mine is a global community, with seminars all over the country, all over the world. I like that. Without it, I certainly wouldn't be all excited over this trip to Ireland in September for which I am sacrificing even having a car.

Today, my friend, Edith, took me to the local Vitamin Cottage for some groceries, and she said she likes Vitamin Cottage because it's a local thing, and the money stays in Colorado. I do not feel that way at all. I am a global citizen. The money can go anywhere it likes and still benefit me and mine.

Why does it sometimes seem to me that I've chosen the hard way?

Well, I don't know. It is and it isn't. It's just where I am.

I do notice that when I've had sugar, a few hours later, when it starts to wear off, I am nearly morose, not a tenable position for a quintuple Sagittarian with a Leo Moon. Not at all. Maybe this is a correlation to that Pisces Ascendant I have in my chart. Probably.

I'm not quite morose right now, but I did have some sugar, and it is wearing off. I'm not in my favorite place of gratitude and bliss.

I was also up till midnight-thirty last night. For a very good reason, though!

I splurged on the Krishna Das concert at Unity Church in Boulder!

OMG! The man can literally transport me with his chanting. Well, so can Scott Medina, Shim Shai, Swami Vishwananda, Deva Premal, and others… okay, so I get off on chanting! So sue me. 🙂

Anyways, Krishna Das is clearly of a Sage persuasion. He told stories and jokes throughout the concert. Near the end, he started talking about telephones. Telephones? Okay. He talked about those bygone days when there was only one main line in a city, and you had to go through a switchboard to ask to be connected to someone.

Then he tells us he is Jewish, tells a story about Maharishi telling someone to "meditate like Jesus did." And how he himself has a relationship with Jesus.

Just about then it starts to dawn on me… Jesus . . . main line. . .


He's going to sing Jesus Is On The Mainline!

In a Hindu style chant kirtan to Krishna kind of concert!

I was already in ecstacy. Now I was totally blown away!

I was really getting into it. I even dialed my two friends from the 80's. Let's call them D'Artagnan . . . {pause while I look up the names of the 3 Musketeers, which I've never read. It looks like there were actually four. The other 3 seem to be: Athos, Porthos, and Aramis.} Okay, so D'Artagnan & Porthos. I'll be Aramis because I like the cologne. (Cope.)

Okay, so I held up my cell phone hoping that they could hear Krishna Das singing "Jesus is On the Mainline. Tell him what you want."

It was so cool.

That's akin to the ministry I'm in.

Swami Vishwananda chants, "Jesus Krishna Jesus Krishna." That's so true~!