I am nearly mobile again!

The Goddess of Gunbarrel, LB, has given me a car!!! The car was given to her once upon a time about 2 years ago. I paid her $10 for it. Yes, it has 185,000 plus miles on it. Yes, it needs an oil change and a tune up immediately, do not pass go.

Yes, I am one of the most fortunate and blessed beings on the planet. I hardly know what to say.

On top of that, my roommate just gave me a new air filter and put some stuff in the gas tank to help it!!!

I'd be writing in bold, 30 point type and italicizing and underlining in rainbow colors to tell you how I'm feeling. I'm ecstatic.

No, I won't be driving it to work unless there is an emergency. I don't know that it can take that every day.

But it's a car and I'm just ecstatic. Did I say that already?

I had Body Balance, Osteo Pro Care and a multivitamin for dinner. I think I need to go lay down, get some sleep and get ready for what tomorrow may bring.

Things are popping around here!

Blessed be! Jai Guru Dev! Aho mi takuye oyasin! Praise Shiva! Praise the Lord! And Jesus rules!



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