Moving Experiences

I am packing to move to Lafayette. In some ways I have less than I thought. In some ways, more.

I'm hoping to avoid the cost of a storage building, but I'm not sure yet. I am receiving gracious support from my friends and family to help me continue my degree with the programs in Ireland and France. There is still much more to do and save for. 

I'd like to put some links on my web page to reports that  pay me when people buy them. I also want to create some of my own free and paid articles, autoresponders, etc. Both my computers are having minor freak-outs. I think they'll be okay. I just need some help.

The PC seems to shut down if it's hot. The fan seems to be working fine, though. Today I ran a fan right at the back of it and it has stayed on. I want to move iTunes off C: and put it on E: and I haven't gotten that figured out yet. Right now C: has only 240 mb available and Windows XP needs 200 to run. I have gotten the Low Disk Space warning several times.

I tried to install MS Office 2003 to my laptop and it said it couldn't find  E:\Files\Pfiles\MSOffice\OfficeII\Accweb\RPT2DAP.XSL which is a little weird because E: is the CD: drive. . . I think.

I should be all moved by the end of the month. I've gotten a PO Box to use. I've got decisions to make about my phone, my computers, etc.

The car is running pretty well. I have to tighten a spark plug now and again.

All in all I am feeling very supported, very guided and a little nervous about my first trip to a foreign country by myself. The only time I've been out of the US before was with a school group when I was 13 years old. I went to Mexico City. At least, I spoke the language!  🙂

Do keep in touch. It will mean a lot to me when I'm abroad.




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