Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. . . Reclaim

Good morning,

I saw this bumper sticker last night and as I was thinking about my life, my room, my posessions, this morning, and wondering what to do with it all, I thought of the . . . is it Buddhist? concept of voluntary simplicity. Monk stuff, you know. From a Priest Scholar named Clark, this makes total sense if you think about it 2 seconds.

Anyway, then I saw the Word A Day for today. Great stuff if you're into words, but I actually subscribe for the daily quotes. This week's theme and today's word got me a little, well, nostalgic in advance.

Here's what it said, in part:

"This week's theme: fear and desire.

nostomania (nos-tuh-MAY-nee-uh, -mayn-yuh) noun

An overwhelming desire to return home or to go back to familiar places.

[From Greek nostos (a return home) + -mania (excessive enthusiasm or madness).]

You can consider nostomania to be an extreme form of nostalgia (literally, pain for home). For school kids, receiving a bad report card might induce nostophobia. A synonym for geriatrics is nostology."

Hmm. Hopefully, I will not reach the mania stage, although from another point of view, I may have already.

What if Ireland, the Celtic world, are a place of nostalgia for me? Well, they are in my mind. I won't know how I respond to the actual countries until I'm there. It will be fall and winter. I left Texas humidity behind with gratitude and now I'm running off to an island? What am I thinking?

I'm not.

I'm following my Next Step. I have no idea where it's leading. I just know that it's the next place to be. It starts as a seed thought, at least 20 or 30 years ago. If I ever travel off the continent, Ireland is the first place I want to go. Why? I always said I didn't know unless it was my Irish blood. I wish I could trace it. Mother & Daddy & both adopted. It's tricky.

But I know Mother's mother's surname was Wallace and she lived in Dublin, Texas. My father's father's surname was Naff, shortened from McNaff.

I do feel some nostomania for Ireland. I will also get to see London and Chartres, France, Lord willin' and the crick don't rise. Hmm, big crick you got there! (The Atlantic Ocean, ya know.)

So, I'm reducing. I'm sharing my unnecessary belongings with friends, giving it away on freecycle, taking it to the charity thrift stores.

Reusing? Naturally. Always, but now more than ever.

Recycling. Certainly. Freecycling, even.


Now that's where it gets interesting.

What do we reclaim when we give up nearly everything we know and journey to a distant land?

That, boys and girls, is another story for another day.



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