A Fond Farewell To Gaiam

Wow, 2 posts in as many days. I'm becoming prolific again. Maybe it's because I can?

By the way, I sent out invitations to join http://www.tribe.net/  I'm new there, too, but I liked the consciousness that seems to be there. I want to help grow it.  

I wrote the following to my co-workers at Gaiam on Tuesday: 

Good morning,

Today I have decided to come out of the closet about something to you guys. I've added K, K, S & others to this distribution. I hope an email is not too impersonal a way to share this with you. I also know how busy you are.

I was going to wait and see what happens regarding my job there, but I don't want to see anyone work to get me back only to find that I am leaving anyway. That wouldn't be fair to K or to Gaiam. And K has plenty to do! I have a sense of integrity about notice and a loyalty to the practice of LOHAS that Gaiam exists to serve.

I'm not just going to Ireland for school. I am moving out of the country.

(I could go back to Gaiam. I would need for it to be part time and temporary.)

I did not know this when I first started the process. What happened was that my mouth started saying, "I'm moving to Ireland," while my mind was thinking, "I'm going to Ireland." It was pretty clear that I should listen to myself, as resources, contacts and intuitions began flooding in.

So, I started saying, "I'd like to stay for a year. Do work study, or something."

Then, total strangers started asking me if I was coming back.

I don't know.

Ask me a few years from now.

I have said for many years that I am not in charge here, God is. All I do is follow marching orders. I ask. I listen. I follow.

That's actually how I came to be at Gaiam in the first place. (This whole letter is clearly going onto the blog now.)

I was meditating one day around 11 am. I had just been back in Colorado after 3 months of lessons about my Saturn line in Atlanta and I had not found work yet. Hadn't looked too seriously. I came out of my meditation with  the strong feeling I should call the 2 temp agencies I was already registered with. So, I did. I called Office Team and Manpower.

An hour later, Office Team called and asked me if I could make it to an interview within the next hour or so. I said, "I'm in bluejeans!" Ellis insisted that it did not matter. So, swallowing my sense of propriety and interview dress codes, I met Kaedrich and Angila for the interview. I was thrilled. The customer service job of my dreams! And that it has been. We have the cream of the customer service crop. It may not feel that way when you get a hot call, but by and large, you will not find better on the planet. I know. I've been in customer service for 30 years. A little later that day, Office Team told me when and where to report for training. In training, I met E and found out she lived in L. I had no car of my own, but I had the use of one 3 days a week. She agreed to carpool and the rest is history.

E's a Godsend. She doesn't know that and she'll blush and demure when she reads this. Since then, I have been *given* a car, moved to my 7th home in about 18 months (practice for the journey, I am sure) and begun trading for rent and my airfare with friends. I'm writing a customer service seminar with one and organizing the very cluttered home of another, while giving emotional support for the process. (I am available for that work, if you know anyone who wants it.There's lots more to the story, but maybe you're tired of reading now and this is enough for the moment.

No, I don't know what I'm doing inIreland.

I could go, spend a week in class and be catapulted to China for all I know. I go where I am guided.

I will say that meeting Swami Vishwananda in May was a challenge. For the first time, I really understood why people drop their fishing nets and follow a teacher. I was ready to do that. My roommate did. But there was Ireland. Now what? A couple of weeks later, I learned that Swami is going to be in London in mid-October and in Ireland at the end of that month. www.vishwananda.com

My return ticket says November 1. I do not expect to be on that flight. Not for a long time.

If you want to keep up with me, I am going to endeavor to continue the saga here. 

Call, write, whatever. I'm around still. 

Even across the world, you can reach me through email. I'll probably start using gmail more.

I am meeting V at lunch to return a CD I borrowed. I'll come in and say hello/goodbye and maybe we'll break into singing a Beatle's song… or not.  đŸ˜‰

I loved Gaiam, loved the customers, loved the people I worked with.

May the Lord/Lady bless you and keep you
May S/He lift up hir countenance upon you
And give you peace, both now and forever.



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