AFGO? Jonathan Cainer nails it again!

I still find this horrorscope annoying. I listened to your audio horoscope today, Jonathan, as well. I guess forewarned is forearmed, and Eric Francis says you’re one of us (a Sagittarian), so I suspect I am lucky to get the special perspective of another Centaur.

Rise above, this too shall pass, AFGO, om mane padme hum

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23 – Dec 21) Saturday 08 July 2006
Your Weekend: Three cheers for trouble. Where would we be without it? Just think, for example, how meaningless an umbrella would be without rain. Or how pointless it would be to have sunburn protection screen in a world where it was always night. We need irritation to help us appreciate comfort, insecurity to stop stability from seeming dull. So be glad of all that has lately had you tearing your hair out and climbing the walls. It’s all going to help turn this otherwise dull, safe weekend into one worth giving thanks for.

You really should check out this guy:

He’s phenomenally tuned in. If you have the ability to take in parable and metaphor, you can really get a lot out of his horoscopes. He tells me next week is easier.

So, here I am with Jupiter conjunct my Neptune in Scorpio, Neptune opposing natal Moon, Uranus opposing natal Mars, oh, and just for fun. . . Pluto conjunct my Sun & Midheaven at the Galactic Core.

Noel, another famous and fabulous astrologer of my acquaintance, prescribed more meditation, more labyrinth walks, and perhaps a tantric meditation with someone big (you know who you are).

I really need some ease in my life. And the bath tub where I’m living doesn’t hold water, nor does the hot water heater heat enough of it. Normally, I’d just soak in a hot bath and breathe.

Any suggestions?




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