To Planet or Not to Planet?

Hi All,

The International Astronomical Union, a body that names and defines planets, among other things, is meeting this month. Apparently, they will revisit the issue of whether Pluto is a planet or not, and whether or not 3 newly discovered bodies qualify as planets. If everybody gets to be a planet, this gives us 12, one for each astrological sign, plus a whole lot more issues, since there are over a quarter of a million things floating around out there to be classified.

Their web site is

After reading Eric Francis’ lively post at (It’s intense. Scroll down a little on his page to today’s entry) I sent the following note to a couple of Internet astrologers. I value his opinion and I can see what he is saying. Jonathan Cainer comments a little, but is more circumspect at

A few of you are astrologers, too, or follow astrology, so I thought I would share this idea and see what y’all think.

Please click Comment below if you have some ideas about this so everyone can share.

I appreciate that the issue of what is and isn’t a planet does change the tools an astrologer such as yourself will use to interpret the macrocosm, but truly, don’t they all work just fine? From bibliomancy to numerology to tarot to astrology, aren’t they all mostly tools we use to see the forest for the trees?

No matter what is or isn’t a planet your insights and intuitions will continue to work and to guide us just fine.



One Response to “To Planet or Not to Planet?”

  1. Stacy Says:

    My friend and ex-husband wrote “True. We are not victims of the planets.” I agree.

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