The Work We Do

We know each other some through the work we do. It’s not as superficial as it seems. Whether we spend 4 hours a week or 40 hours a week and even more doing some kind of “work,” what that work is tells something about who we are and what is important to us, even if we’re pulling shots at Starbucks.

I’m working through some major shifts from working to having a career. I’ve been in the throes of this since I took my first Rebirthing BreathWork training in 1985.

21 years ago it was clear to me that I wanted to teach. Wait, make that 41 years ago. I was 5 years old when I walked purposefully to my mother’s bedroom door and said, “Mommy, I want to be a teacher.” Damn. What’s taking me so long?

It’s not that I haven’t taught. I have and I do. It’s like breathing to me. I can’t help it. It just happens.

That reminds me that an ex-lover asked me, in about 1993 or so during my Neurolinguistic Programming certification, another attempt to find a forum in which to teach, “Stacy, what would you do if there was no one to teach or to heal?” Without hesitation, I told him I would sing and dance in musicals. I’ve done a little bit of that, too. I could use some training, though. I just play at it.

It’s all related.

I’m a minister, really. Singing and dancing were original forms of worship, celebration and teaching, but don’t tell the Baptists that. Sex leads to dancing you know. Or is it the other way around? I forget.

Anyway, I’m leaving Boulder, Colorado for Ireland next Friday for a course on “Celtic Spirituality and Modern Cosmology” as part of a doctorate in ministry.

Now, before you join the throngs of people who tell me I don’t need another degree, let me tell you that I love school. I dream of meeting a man whose ideal weekend date is going to intimate spiritual workshops. I love school. Some people paint, some people write poetry, I do school. It’s a natural talent I enjoy immensely.

I’ve co-authored one book. I’m working on at least 3 others. They are all sexual in nature. They have not been easy to write. I’ve been at one of them for 5 or 6 years now, and I know this is par for the course for many authors. I have counseled individuals and groups.

Somehow I pay most of the bills, usually. Often at a customer service job, but those keep falling through for reasons that are not personal at all. Do ya think the Universe might be trying to tell me something?

I was meditating, that’s a morning ritual for me, and talking in my mind to Mother Meera this morning. I am going to Denver for darshan with her tonight. I was asking about all of this. About my trip, my career, my finances.

What I am writing here is part of the result.

When I was 5, I thought I’d teach school. I loved my teachers. I was good at school. I make A’s like rolling off a log.

By the time I graduated from high school just before my 17th birthday, in December of 1976, I was going for an accounting degree with a thought of being a corporate lawer. Why? Daddy wanted his own attorney.

That was a sidetrack for sure. But 9 years later, after starting into counseling for incest for the first time in 1985, I was back on track and hoping to teach rebirthing. I did. I’ve taught a lot of things and earned a BA in research psychology and an MA in counseling psychology. The doctorate in ministry is more where my heart is and my university calls its faculty “Mystics without Monasteries.”  Wisdom University,

I still don’t know what to do or where or how exactly, but I’ve got a helluva a lot of pieces of the puzzle.

Who are you and what are you about?

I’d really love to hear and learn from whatever you have to say about how you are working in the world and what you are bringing your awareness to.

“Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?”


“Still today, I am lonely, because I know – and must speak of – things that others do not know . . . and for the most part by no means wish to know.”     

                                        – C.G. Jung


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