Living As If We Aren’t Afraid of Dying

I got truth tears when I was wondering why I’m cranky today. I’m dying.

Leaving the US for the first time, on a prayer and a promise, I will never be the same when I return. True, we’re not even the same from one minute to the next, but Pluto/Sun/Midheaven/GC?  It’s not every day we get to die so thoroughly, is it?

I read Eric Francis’ blog today. He talks about night, Pluto and death.

“Also, death looming around every corner is a distraction from living. So part of the message is that we need to live like we’re not afraid of death. I guess if you want a definition of Spiritual that I could get with, that would be one,” he writes.

I’m packing. I’m taking 2 suitcases. It feels like a lot. I generally travel very light. An overnight bag will do me for 2 weeks. But this is at least 2 months, maybe a year, maybe 2 years. And I have to take books to write my paper after the class.

I’m a little weepy. In 2 hours some friends arrive to ferry my across the River… no wait a minute… to take my things to a friend’s basement for storage.

I don’t even leave until Friday morning.

Mantra: “I love limbo. I love limbo. I love limbo.”

So, thank you for the death blog, Eric.   🙂  I suppose if I was afraid of dying I wouldn’t do it so often.




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