A Day in Class in Ireland

I wake up in a B & B named Cullough Bay down the road from Anam Cara. The room is PINK. I mean PINK. There are 2 twin beds, a bathroom with a shower & toilet. There is a window with a PINK curtain. It’s been foggy & cloudy up till today. We are seeing a little sun today, and it’s cooler.

I go downstairs to a common eating area with ab out 4 little wooden tables with nice little wooden chairs for breakfast. My co-students are there. Fruit, yogurt, toast and cereal are provided. The hostess, Therese, offers to fix bacon and eggs. Most of us decline.

Most of them walk down to the class site. I ask for a ride. I tried walking and it took forever and my calves were hurting. I’m trying to avoid nightshades, salt, vinegar and lemon, but haven’t totally done that.

There are 10 minutes for announcements. Then 30 minutes for “Body Prayer” where 19 adults prance around to the voice of a junior instructor who admonishes us to honor the “Great Mother” and stuff like that. You’d think I’d like that kind of thing. Sometimes I do. I love Dances of Universal Peace and have always enjoyed chanting and such, but there is something very forced and false about this … teacher? … group? … me? Whatever the case, I’m not feeling guided to do much of it.

At 9:30 we sit in a flagstone floored sunken sitting area with a couple of couches and a bunch of plastic chairs and listen to Dr. Larry Freeman talk about Cosmology with the intent of connecting us to a larger Universe story that helps us to relate to the Earth in a way that we might be able to make decisions and live so as to preserve our ecosystem. He’s an Artisan Scholar with dry with and humor. He refers to himself as a “splitter.” I am a “lumper.” He respects both.

Then lunch is served. It has been good homemade food. I almost wish it wasn’t so good. Homemade brown breads, fish chowder, fish casserole, roast chicken, and lots and lots of salad. Two of our participants, a mother and daughter are on the living food diet that I prefer. Helps me to have them here, too. But I didn’t turn down the fish!

Oddly, I am enjoying the scientist far more than the spiritual teachers here. While none of them are based in the type of reality I learned from Inquiry, he’s a little closer. The spiritual type teachers here are a bit pompous and way too full of ritual.

*** I’ll add to this later. Lunch is ready. ***

Okay, it’s Thursday here, about 12:45 pm. A bus leaves in 15 minutes to take us to the next “sacred site.” I am hoping the Art as Meditation teacher doesn’t read this over my shoulder.

I came here, I thought, because I’d get to look at “Celtic Spirituality;” however, I’ve been getting a lot more out of the “Cosmology. I’ve found the afternoon professor and the “body prayer” leader to be too much into ritual, not very authentic or inspired for me. I love some rituals, of course. I like dancing. I love singing. Prayer, I like. But what has been here feels like all form and little content. I’m not connecting to it so well.

The Cosmology teacher, Dr. Larry Edwards, has a web site www.threeeyesofuniverse.com. I haven’t made time to look at it yet. The Art as Meditation teacher, Mara Freeman, has one, too. I don’t have it handy. I’ll edit it in later.

So, the rituals and prayers at the standing stones yesterday did not do much for me. I left the group and wandered up a little hill nearby and found another circle of stones, boulders, more flat, not standing. There were 10 stones with one in the center. Not sure why, but I was more comfortable up there.

In the evening, there’s dinner. We sit at 2 different tables. One inside near the kitchen, the other outside on a sun porch. I’ve done both. Last night, Mara led some of the group in learning a Gaelic song. I stayed for part of it, then got a ride to my B & B where 3 of us sat in that sun room discussing our programs and related themes. We talked about how to write our final paper in a way that was meaningful to us. I got some good suggestions. We connected. *That* was one of the best parts of my day.

Same for this morning. 5 of the 6 of us who are at the same B & B discussed things over breakfast. I told them about “Translucent Revolution.” They were very interested and shared similar experiences. Best part, so far, of today.




2 Responses to “A Day in Class in Ireland”

  1. julia Says:

    Sometimes we find ourselves in a place because of what we have to offer, rather than what it has to offer us. And in our giving, we receive.
    Sounds like you may be finding your “sweet spot”.
    Thanks for sharing your “adventures in form” , and for remembering, in the midst of it, Who you are.
    Love, Julia

  2. Stacy Clark Says:

    True, Julia. I think I’ve offered little bits here and there. Stay tuned.


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