Baby Steps or Crossbow Launches?

Hi All,

I’ve been sent the same article on H’ono pono, a Hawaiian healing art, several times. In it a psychologist takes on the job of counselor to the inmates of a prison. He never sees the prisoners, but spends his day reading their files. While he reads, he repeats, “I love you. I’ sorry.”  The article says the inmates are healed through this. I just checked and for any reports on this and didn’t find it listed.

Here is another site I just received:

I decided to do some of this for myself based on the stories I’m hearing from my friends and clients. Whose story is not the same as my own?

When we sit in an Evening for the Work of Byron Katie with Steven Sashen, we are instructed to do our own Work while listening as he helps someone process. It works. In 5 years I have yet to hear a story I could not relate to.

So, two of my friends are going through big changes. Aubrey is moving out of a home she’s lived in for 10 years and away from her employer of 16 years. Erica’s mother has divorced her husband of 25 years or so, which is helping Erica to consider leaving a boyfriend she’s been with since high school.

Independently, they both wrote to me and said they were “taking baby steps” toward the changes they want to see.

Well, I have to look at this temporary “move” to Ireland. Where am I taking baby steps, rather than accepting the challenge put to me by astrologer, Rob Brezsny, that I quoted in my blog a couple of days ago?

Well, I have yet to walk more than a few blocks from the hostel. In fact, I stayed in a much less comfortable hostel for 3 nights, even having been told by a fellow student that there were more comfortable ones nearby.

Finally, I decided to walk up the hill to Sheila’s Hostel,, where I am now. The manager, Liam, is even looking into getting wireless internet access so I can work on my own computer! Now that’s a good manager! There is a large comfortable sitting area, breakfast room and rooftop picnic tables. Five working computers, too, compared to only the one before. I do have to pay 1 Euro per hour, but they are working and I can work here. That’s why I moved, actually. Still, a baby step.

Brezsny asked Sagittarians to look and see what we have going for us that is the equivalent of a crossbow that will launch us “higher, farther and faster than we’ve ever gone. (See “I Have Peace of Mind – Now What?”) You don’t have to be a Sagittarian to wonder about that for yourself.

So, I’m looking. What’s the crossbow?

I suspect it is . . . what do I call that wordless knowing that is the result of questioning my thinking? Or of doing breathwork? Or meditating?

That. That’s a crossbow.

It must be. I’m in Ireland!

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.
         – J.R.R. Tolkein




2 Responses to “Baby Steps or Crossbow Launches?”

  1. Kathleen Scheps Says:

    Hi Stacy,

    Here’s the link to the article that started it all:

    His article is part of a book that he is writing on the topic. He has also written the book “The Attractor Factor” and was in the movie “The Secret”.

    He too thought it was an urban legend originally. Then he met the doctor. Now he is writing a book with Dr. Len about it, to be called “Zero Limits”.


  2. Kathleen Scheps Says:


    I just received an email from a list I’m on and it referenced a site that Dr. Len is part of and teaches classes on the subject. It’s:


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