Allergies, Rain & Humidity (A mundane post)

Apparently I am not going to get out of this trip without an “allergy attack.”

Day before yesterday I fished my pecan granola out of my bag, bought some nice cream to put on it as a treat and ate some with maybe 3 oz. of cream. I have tea each day with milk. I have had chowder, cheese, all with no problem. . . until yesterday.

Oddly, it started in my lower throat, upper lungs. I don’t have with me the things I usually take for cough and it doesn’t appear to be available here. I did try Breathe Easy to no avail. I guess I just have to . . . weather. . . it out. Yes, it rained yesterday and I was out walking.

I coughed my way to sleep and woke coughing a couple of times. I did sleep. But I also just took a nice hour nap. Still sniffling. *sigh* That really puts a  . . . damper. . . on things.

And I’m cold. There is a sauna here I can use for 2 Euro for 40 minutes. There is Indian food available. The spices are good for clearing my head, not so good for my joints. Hmm.

For now, I’m just going to sit here and work. I have some articles to write.




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