Odd Phone Call Today

Well, I gave in and asked for some help a couple of days ago, in the form of a very helpful Integrated Kabbalistic Healing session with my friend, Steven. (See his sites in the Blogroll to your right).

When I woke up this morning my head was clearer, since I’ve avoided all milk except a tiny bit in one cup of tea yesterday. I actually had nearly normal energy levels, too. So, at 8 am, I logged on and proceeded to answer email and then write the remaining articles that I owed to my friends in Colorado. It felt great to finish these as quickly as I have done. The last set took me forever. Of course, I was not in Ireland with nothing at all to do. That does focus me a bit on the writing.

Anyway, so there it was, 2 pm and I had done all the work currently assigned.

I idly called up a folder that I have saved to my desktop to remind me that I have it. It is some notes on Steven’s Advanced Meditation Workshop. Sorry, but that is what it was, and that is who it came from. I realize I mention him a lot. It’s just how it worked out. (Again, read his Anti-Guru blog. It’s quite good.)

Anyway, after doing a process called “All There Is” and another called “Past’s Future, Future’s Past,” I was again high as a kite, feeling connected and content with just sitting on the bench (after I placed newspaper there to soak up the water that had been raining down upon it all day).

I picked up “Life, the Universe and Everything” to finish. Near the end, Arthur has decided not to travel because he is at One with the Universe and he thinks he will just sit and be with that for a while, maybe have some tea and work a crossword puzzle or something. (The British version seems to have been edited quite a bit differently from the American, by the way.)

Anyway, I’m coming to the part about the phone call.

Finishing “Life, the Universe, and Everything” was satisfying in the way much of the week hasn’t been. So, I just sat on the bench enjoying the feeling of connectedness for a while. A couple of times this morning, it occurred to me to call a friend of mine who is so busy she doesn’t check email regularly, but it was too early to do so.

So, finally, I did call her at about 5 pm my time, 10 am hers.

I told her that unless something else to do, and the money to do it, showed up, I would be coming home pretty soon.

She told me she had just been thinking this morning, before I called, that she wished she knew someone in Europe she could send to Crete to check out hotels for a conference she will be hosting there next year. There is one person who lives in France, but she isn’t sure whether he would be available.

I told her I’d certainly consider going. It wasn’t till after I got off the phone that I got a little nervous about it. I don’t know a think about Greece. I wonder if there are enough English speakers that I could get by?

It’s a slim chance. Her magazine doesn’t have a ton of money to send people all over the world. It’s mostly just interesting that the phone call happened the way it did. I am feeling a bit more in tune with my world.

One Hour Later:

I didn’t think I would be going to Crete. Turns out it would cost her $500 to $2000 to send me. Nevermind!




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