Astrology & Bedspreads

Speaking of people’s rights, something we still have the right to do in this country per the First Amendment . . .

I was mildly annoyed that the hostel in Ireland blocked my astrology sites, even on the wireless access.

It strikes me as very odd that those were blocked, perhaps censored, while at the same time the bedspreads in every room have a zodiac with all the signs, and a happy smiley sun and moon on them.

I never really got the chance to ask the manager about it. After my first query about why my astrology sites were blocked (after I had been accessing them for a couple of days, so I suspect this was an intentional act) the manager was somehow always very busy and never really spoke to me in person again. All he said was, “Can’t do anything about that until Monday.”

I wonder if I actually encountered the famous reluctance of the Irish to ever use the word, “No?”




One Response to “Astrology & Bedspreads”

  1. Rtacoma Says:

    go figure …

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