People’s Rights

I have lately been forwarding a few of the political writings I’ve been receiving, particularly Eric Francis’ and one from Garrison Keillor that was posted to a list I’m on.

A man from that list emailed me and said, “That’s some pretty powerful stuff you’re posting.” He went on to tell me that he is putting together a show of anti-war readings and wondered if I had any suggestions. You all know that I know next to nothing about politics, but I sent him the few ideas I had, including Marianne Williamson, The Peace Alliance and Byron Katie’s sites.

His reply went into more detail about what he is trying to create.

He finished by saying that he just wants to get it done and worry about rights issues later.

I kid you not.

I wrote back that I could not support that. People’s rights are people’s rights. And that includes copyrights. Ignoring people’s rights is what is of such great concern in the posts he responded to.

Not just blind, but completely blind, to the fact that not honoring copyrights, publishing rights and performance rights is precisely the problem I have been forwarding articles about.

I was floored.




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