Coffee & Wireless at the Santa Fe Hotel

It was a very comfortable weekend with Sean and Aubrey at her “new” home in the country. I love being with friends I can totally relax with. I mean *really* relax. Like, who cares if you close the bathroom door? And does this pink look okay on me? Sprawling on couches, helping with the dishes, you know…  *totally* comfortable. 

It had the effect of reminding me how very much I want to live in a community like that again, like the ashram, like the rebirthers, like Denton Days, all of that. When I find that again, I’ll move in and unpack everything to stay a while.

So, Aubrey and I drove an hour to Santa Fe where she has a room with two other roommates, 30 yr old male MD’s. We moved a single futon from the living room to her room and had a little slumber party complete with Sangria and Jarlsberg and crackers. That came about because it was 6 pm and we were very tired. It feels like 9 pm when it’s already been dark 2 or 3 hours. I offered to drive to the store for the wine, oranges and ginger ale, if she’d navigate, and she agreed. She also bought. (Thank you, Aubrey!)  

We checked this morning to see where the bus stop near her would be and there wasn’t one in her neck of the woods at all. So, we showered and bundled up and I drove her to work.  

I have successfully found Whole Foods. It’s huge. Somehow, when people say “tucked back” I look for something smaller.  😉  They have wireless, but the door kept opening and it was muy frio. I picked up a few (too many) things. One is a cup of green chile from their hot bar for Aubrey to nuke for lunch if she get waylaid by the vehicular powers that be. She has to get license tags for her motorcycle.

Muscial Interlude

I don’t want a pickle.

Just wanna ride on my motorcicle.

I don’t wanta a tickle.

I’d rather ride on my motorcycle.

And I don’t wanna die.

I’d rather ride on my motorcy!

– Arlo Guthrie

This tune brought to you in honor of my mother’s husband. 

End Muscial Interlude 

Then. . .  find of finds . . . the Hotel Santa Fe lobby!  Wireless, coffee, low lights, 6 comfy chairs and 2 comfy couches. Marion is one of those big African American folks you just love to have wait on you. I asked him if he’d been here forever and he said he’s only been here 3 months, and only been a server 3 months his whole life. He worked in security before and just isn’t old enough to collect his retirement from the city of LA.

I picked up the hotel’s list of events for Aubrey to peruse. Many, maybe most, are “ongoing.” I am pretty sure I have stayed here before. Probably when Eduardo sent me down here to check out a potential girlfriend while I saw Ammachi.

It was good to take a weekend off after NaNoWriMo. There is plenty of work left to be done on the book. I’ve got ideas and I’ll get started on that this afternoon.

Tiny little maze of a place, Santa Fe. If I turn the right direction, I should be able to find Aubrey’s office by 11:30.



2 Responses to “Coffee & Wireless at the Santa Fe Hotel”

  1. Tim Says:

    Haven’t seen the lyrics to or thought about ‘Motorcy’ for years. Les, a friend who I used to duet with musicall, turned me on to it about 35 years ago. He passed away a few years ago after a brain tumour he’d had removed re-appeared.

    I’ll be thinking of Les this evening.


    Bro T

  2. vanillagrrl Says:

    I remember hearing Country Joe and the Fish sing this when I was a wee lass in San Francisco, and my mom used to sing this to me, too. But I think you might have left off the final, closing “[long pause]….cle!”

    I like your blog and it was good meeting you through Nano, Stacy. I hope to see you at the Tea Spot again some Saturday.

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