I Don’t Love New York… or LA… or Las Vegas… or Santa Fe

I was talking to a friend tonight and she asked how my visit to Santa Fe was. I found myself telling this story, and I’ve told it several times, so I suppose it might save me some time to just post it for everyone.

I don’t just love Santa Fe. I’ve ended up there about four times now. Seems like anytime I say I don’t care for a city, I get to visit it: New York, LA, Las Vegas, New Orleans and well, differently, Santa Fe. I’ve been to them all.

Maybe if I could convincingly say I don’t like Seattle, I could finally visit the Pacific Northwest. Maybe if I could lie and say I’d hate New England in the Fall, I could get there before winter just once. (I’ve been there twice long after the leaves have dropped.)

Anyway, I don’t much like the Santa Fe culture. I don’t like adobe. I don’t like silver. I don’t like Georgia O’Keefe. And if green sauce is the default on your Mexican food, you’re in the wrong state.

So how did I end up making all these trips there?

Oh, the first time it was a meditation retreat with my husband. (That’s how I ended up in New York, too. Manhattan to be precise.) The second time a boyfriend wanted to take a short trip and he wanted to see the Chuck Jones Museum. Oh, you don’t know who Chuck Jones is? Yes, you do. You just don’t realize it.

He is the cartoonist who created Bugs Bunny, the Roadrunner, Yosimete Sam and all those Warner Brother cartoon characters. That’s Chuck Jones. Yawn! www.chuckjones.com if you’re that interested.

So, now, one of my favorite people, my roommate, Joy, moves to her home in Santa Fe and I go visit. I actually kind of liked it this time. I found the Whole Foods, the coffee shop and the Indian restaurant, and I felt like I was home enough for a while.

I also notice that having done a whole lot of asking “Is it true?” and “Who would you be without your story?” that Santa Fe isn’t so bad. I still don’t want to live there. It dries my skin and everytime someone gives me directions they say, “It’s the adobe building . . . “

Still, I don’t just love Santa Fe… or Seattle.  🙂


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