What’s Next?

This is a way too familiar question at this point.

I’ve been in New Mexico at both of Joy’s homes, Villanueva and Santa Fe. It was wonderful to be with her, especially at darshan with Swami Vishwananda. It was the first time Joy had been to darshan with anyone. She was giggly for days, especially after three days of seeing everyone around her as God. One night she looked into the mirror and saw God. That was priceless.

Swami’s darshan in Santa Fe, Fort Worth and then home.

Well, sort of. Not home at Lafayette, near home on a mountain house sitting.

Now I’ve been house sitting on a mountain for nearly 2 weeks. In some ways, it almost feels like Ireland. Too solitary for me!

I guess maybe all of this is building up steam for me to find solutions in the problem. (Yeah, I know, Joy, I’m taking out the “maybe.”)

I really, really want to live in a community of like-minded people. As in a single roommate isn’t enough. I need to be teaching and leading groups. I am thinking of going ahead and starting a few. I attempted to revive Priest Women’s Lunch, but we were snowed out. No one could even get out of their driveways with 3 or 4 feet of snow here.

Now I’m in discussion with another writer about starting a science fiction group of some kind. I suspect he is a hard science type of science fiction reader. I would like to have some major input on what we read and discuss because I totally read for meaning and messages. The technology isn’t all that interesting to me. It’s just there to support the meaning.

At some point, I am going to have to move. Joy is selling her place. Well, if it sells, I suppose. The market isn’t great and there was a fire two doors down and it still looks awful. They’ll be working on that place for a while. I’ve considered being a managing tenant there. It is much better now that it is remodeled.

I notice that I am enjoying the sunrise much, much more today than I have most days up here. Why do I think that is? Well, I had some company up here all day yesterday. It made a world of difference. I finally got into the hot tub for the first time. I’ll have company tonight, too. Sean is coming up to enjoy the hot tub.

I know what to do, really. Find clarity and ask what Next Step I can take.

So many “goals,” though: marriage, home, better car, work to do, income (not necessarily the same), social groups to build.

Social groups to build?

Did I write that?

Hmm. . . looks like that suggests some potential Next Steps, doesn’t it?

Call and write people, have a few group discussions. See about getting the resources together. I can inspire. I’d like a Sage for the group building part.

*smile* I love how this stuff works.




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