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January 22, 2007

So, I read Craig’s List personals ads. Why? Intermittent reinforcement, the strongest kind there is. If you don’t think so, think about how gambling works or read the research.

At the same time, I’m no slave to things that don’t work… when I notice it. CL has brought me some really fine friends to talk to, some of the highest spiritual experiences I’ve ever had with another human being whom I knew shared the space, and a lot of good conversations in with the admittedly time-wasting drek.

Today a man, likely a doctor or something since he mentions his pager calling him to the ER, today a man wrote about passion and invited women to reply to him. He wants to know about passion. I wrote him, yes. Frankly, I doubt that he’s really my type, but he lit a fire under my fingers, and I told him so. A reply to him was just that, and meant for an audience of one, but I think that I’d like to write about passion here… as if I ever really write about anything else.

I wrote to this point and paused. Now I’m back.

I sat here and categorized this blog (see below). While I did that, I wondered how to say what I am passionate about. This is kind of a forest-for-the-trees question to me. I am passionate about so much. If you knew me, you’d agree. I jump in with both feet so often. Yes, I’ve felt a bit beaten down these past couple or three years, yes, but my passion did not die. It rekindles itself from within.

I am wondering what I am “most” passionate about. I’d have to say mystical spirituality, direct experience of God, finding and following my Guidance, and sharing that with others.

Everything I do is oriented that direction.

I read books for spiritual inspiration and messages, so I don’t mind when Tom Robbins or Robert A. Heinlein or Spider Robinson pontificate a bit in their books. I love it. I watch movies for the same reason, so I am picky. I won’t sit still for just any movie. Contact, Dangerous Beauty (OMG), Sister Act, Dead Poet’s Society, Bliss, Mona Lisa Smile, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Secretary, Matrix, Harry Potter, Princess Bride . . .  get the idea?

I write passionately. Read my blogs and see if you agree or not.

I sing. That is all about passion! I chant kirtans and bhajans with my back arched and my hands up. I can bounce on a bed to ZZ Top. I like to drive fast with Jethro Tull’s Thick as a Brick blaring. I’ve got to get back to my voice lessons. That really made a difference. sigh

My favorite music and musicians are pretty passionate: Jethro Tull, Moody Blues, Beatles, Satriani, Leonard Cohen, Impossible Objects, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Dylan. Closer by 9 Inch Nails. That one about the Discovery channel. I may add to this list later.

Sex is my passion, too. People. Men. Women. How the hell do you do sex without passion? Oh, okay, there’s sensuous, soft, cuddly, warm, but that just an ember glow of passion – different from the full fire, and still passion.

If you speak astrology, you can find passion all over my natal chart. I have at least 7 planets and a bunch of asteroids in Sagittarius and Leo. Venus in Scorpio in the 8th house. Nothing more passionate than that! Ask anyone.

I am passionate about Truth.

That is a whole discussion in itself. Keeps cropping up. I’ll have to see if I’ve blogged on it directly yet or not.

My name is Anastacia and it means “resurrection.” That, as the Craig’s List gentleman observed, means the passion of Christ, the passion of Buddha, and more. I doubt anything less than passion would start a religion. Sure, Buddha seems like more of a quiet passion in full bloom, but how did he get there? Read Siddhartha by Herman Hesse if you do not know. He pursued Truth with passion. Mohammed? Now there is some passion, y’all. And how much passion do you have to have to pray 5 times a day? Goodness!

I told this CL fellow he lit a fire under my fingers. I think I’ll stop typing about passion now and feel some in other ways.




Sagittarius Gone Awry

January 12, 2007

Good evening,

I rarely blog in the evening, being the Morning Person ™ that I am, but for some reason, I have decided to share Eric Francis’ latest entries here on my blog. He is permanently linked over there on the right, twice, if I’m not mistaken. This is his latest post to his subscribers, and I am fortunate to count myself among them.

Here is the link:

First, I don’t usually feel qualified to comment on the political scenario. At the same time, I do feel I have a citizen’s responsibility to keep up somewhat. That’s why I read Eric’s work. He’s about the only political news I can stomach. I was raised in the “don’t vote – it only encourages them” era., which I stumbled out of by registering to vote in order to write in Hunter S. Thompson for my girlfriend back in 1984. Funny way to come to voting, but I’ve voted every major election since, I think.

Sagittarius energy is most emphatically is something I feel qualified to talk about. My own chart has a Sagittarius Stellium (means several planets in one sign). That stellium occurs in the 9th house, which is ruled by Sagittarius, and that gives it even more of a Sagittarian nature. Furthermore, all this Pluto conjunct the Galactic Core energy that defines this year, and has not been seen by any living human before, about which every astrologer is all atwitter, happens to be within half a degree of my own Sun and conjunct my Midheaven.

Sorry, if all that is too much astrological shorthand. This is not an astrology column. It is, however, very Sagittarian and very Galactic Core. Why? Because I am.

So Sagittarius gone awry is about enthusiastic devotion to dogma and being right. It’s everything we hate about fundamentalist Christianity and evangelism. It’s being seriously activated by Mars conjunct Pluto.

How do I know this? Ask anyone who knows me about my shadow side and nearly all of them will say something about how certain I am of truth and things like right and wrong. It annoys people. Whilst I’m pretty certain I’ve got a pretty dang good handle on truth, it upsets my mother and certain others no end because it isn’t the way they see things. I try not to let them ruffle my feathers or get my goat.

It’s actually worse to stymie me on these things. My own mother has yet to learn not to distract me with a myriad of possibilities, even though she knows the astrological correlations in her daughter.

What is the most common caution given a Sagittarian?

“Don’t scatter your arrows,”they tell us. “Pick a direction and aim at a target.” Sagittarius is the Archer, the Centaur.

So, really, for us, it’s better to head off, hell bent for leather in the wrong direction (think Dudley Doowright) than not to be going anywhere at all. An object in motion can be guided. An object at rest has to overcome inertia, especially a Sagittarian at rest! Therefore, I am rarely at rest, except for intentional meditation periods twice a day and longer on Sundays.

But I really wish these politicians would give it a rest!

One of these days I’m going to go on and order a custom t-shirt (forest green, white lettering, some kind of script, short sleeved, fitted) with that wonderful slogan from the 60’s:

“Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity.”

All the GC astrologers I’ve been reading, say that because all this astrological activity is close to the heart of our galaxy, the source of our worlds, and symbolically, the Source of Everything, there is a strong chance for a spiritual outcome to all these disturbing events Eric is writing about (I hope you read the link.) Most definitely.

If they are right, even these atrocious wrongs can be – well, righted – if we just keep moving, keep our eyes open, center ourselves, ask inside what is right action. Take that action. Stay alert to subtle guidance.

Write it down! when it arrives.

Galactic Core insights are said to be kind of use it or lose it things. If they are not noted, they slip through our grasp like a faintly remembered dream.

I had a sense of that the other morning. I had a very clear sense of a school, very peaceful, energetically clear. I felt at home there. I will know it when I see it or build it or whatever is next.

What insights are you getting? Are you writing them down? Please do.

The clearer Sagittarius energy is all about deeper truths, education and travel. It’s about saying our piece and aiming ourselves in a true direction. Mars correlates with action. Pluto with the unearthing of deep psychological material, sexuality, things hidden, with death and . . . yes, rebirth.

My name is Anastacia and it means “resurrection.” Let’s aim for that, ok?



More Snow? You Must Be Kidding!

January 7, 2007

Apparently not.

So, I am a bit house bound again. I really haven’t accepted it very well. I wish I could just surrender and let it be and all that, but I want nothing more than to move into a community of like-minded spiritual people and teach.

Mother sent me this hilarious thing that starts out with someone’s journal about how lovely and romantic the snow is, and then it devolves into the roof caving in and other frustrations over about a two week period of entries. I’m sure you can find it in a web search. I don’t want to reprint the whole thing here.

Lord, I want patience and I want it now!