Very Moving News

“Ladles & Jellyspoons,

I come before you to stand behind you to tell you something you already know. Next Tuesday, which is Good Friday, there will be a mother’s meeting for fathers only. Admission is free. Pay at the door. Grab a seat and sit on the floor.”

That’s all I can remember of a little ditty on a 45 record my mother had when I was a a child. I was reminded of it when I read Spider Robinson’s speech to a fan convention as printed in Time Travelers Strictly Cash . His is funnier, but it’s at home.


Well, that’s what I’m writing about, isn’t it?

After nearly a year (minus a month in the green green grass of Ireland, perhaps an ancestral home and 2 weeks housesitting on a mountain) in the home of the lovely Audrey, who is so much more to me than just a friend, I am moving to the home of the equally lovely Elizabeth, of whom I could say much the same. I am a lucky girl!

Audrey’s home is sold and Elizabeth needs a roommate, preferably someone she knows. Me, too!  So much nicer to live with a known friend. I’ll admit there is some sadness at leaving Audrey’s, we had started to consider a more permanent arrangement when the offer came in, but she really does need to let go of this house, as she now lives and thrives in scenic Santa Fe.

If I sound a little too animated about it, it may be because this will be my 7th home in 2 years. I admit that I am a flexible, adaptable person. Still, I’m ready to settle in somewhere, and I have high hopes for my new home with Elizabeth.

Cell phone is the same.

Let me know if you have an hour or two to hoist a couple of boxes into a car or truck and come see where I’m going. I have 2 men with strong arms (Thank you T & P!) helping with the couches. I’m not moving the things out of storage just yet. I’m going to unpack the basics first.

Keep those cards & letters coming!

Blessings and love, y’all, (always a Texan deep in my heart)



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