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Hey Hey! Hee Hee! Get Offa My Moon!

April 21, 2007

I read yesterday on that Saturn just went direct in Leo. My Moon (emotional nature) is in Leo, so I wondered how close it was. Well, it’s exactly on my Moon! And my Uranus!

What does that reflect?

Saturn is the planet of authority, structure, restriction and limitations. The Moon, of course, represents our emotional nature. Uranus is change, illumination, invention.

So, right now Saturn is on top of my Moon in Leo, my exhibitionist, outgoing, me me me, centerstage emotions. And Uranus… my freedom, change, inventiveness is similarly restricted.

I accept that I have a much more outgoing nature than most. I always end up the center of attention. I almost can’t help it. It irritates people sometimes. That’s just how I’m built. I’ve mostly learned to accept it. But right now that part of me, my emotions, feel very restricted, unable to move and flow. The interpretations I found said also that I am unable to find comfort in the ways I normally would. Yes, that would reflect my current experience.

That’s exactly what is happening. My whole sense of my feeling self right now is exactly that. Saturn is a slow moving planet and has been pretty much right there since December 2006. That explains a LOT of things!

Funny how this astrology stuff works.

Luckily, Saturn just went direct and will be going elsewhere. I am looking forward to that shift in the cosmos!

But it looks like it isn’t out of orb of influence until late JULY!!!!

I am annoyed. I’ve written to my favorite Capricorn astrologer for illumination. Saturn rules Capricorn. He probably knows about these things, maybe has some positive light to shed on it all.

I hope so.

That’s all for today. Just my Saturn conjunct Leo Moon/Uranus rant.



Friend’s Blogs

April 12, 2007

Hi y’all,

You know, I write blogs, but I only read a few of them.

My favorite is Steven Sashen’s Anti-Guru Blog. He only writes about once a month, but he is hilarious and true. He’s also the author of the IAM meditations.

He’s not against gurus. He says he’s against being one. I know what he means – he doesn’t want to be “followed,” but the man is an inspiring and very entertaining teacher.

Then there’s my friend, Ann O’Johnson. She has been blogging every day for a while. Used to be about 1-3 times a week. She’s working out some things in her own life that a lot of people can relate to.

And finally, I sporadically read Anachronista’s blog:

She’s into SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), middle eastern dance and a lot of artsy craftsy stuff.

Oh, nearly forgot KC…

She’s studying to be a minister. We’ve known each other all our lives.

So, since I’m not writing so much right now, check out my friends.



In Case Anybody Wonders

April 1, 2007

I’m giving myself the weekend I would like to give a lover.

My roommate, Tina, and her boyfriend, Jack, shared dinner with me last night, a wonderful wine mushroom sauce with Portabellas and shrimp and Caesar salad. He had ravioli, but neither she nor I eat wheat much, so we passed on the ravioli. I made a mental note to fix something for them soon, and this morning the opportunity came up right on time.

I wandered into the kitchen about 11 am, still in my forest green terry bathrobe, and said, “I want something, but I don’t know what.” Tina suggested that we collaborate and we simultaneously asked the other if they wanted an omelette. Dissolving in giggles, as always, I said I’d fix them because she was busy packing to go away to a hotel for the night with her boyfriend. I wondered if she had any cheese. All I had was a bit of Parmesan and that’s not quite enough for an omelette, in my opinion.

So, with her Mozarella, my Parmesan, lox and fresh garlic, I set about omelette making. At this point, her boyfriend, Jack, calls and he’s hungry, too, so I add more eggs and continue whipping them with half and half till they are frothy. The minced garlic was sizzling in the butter.

“All of this nurturing energy I have needs a place to go, and today, you two are elected,” I told her.

I fixed spinach salad with mango cilantro dressing as a side and we all munched happily. They are excellent company.

After brunch, I adjourned to hot bathwater with wintergreen bath salts to do heavy  breathing (rebirthing/vivation/breatwork) for about an hour. Just as I’m nearly complete, they call, “Ciao,” leaving me alone till sometime tomorrow.

I load nothing but kirtan into my stereo and crank it. Oh, wait, Sting’s Sacred Love, too.

Still sipping coffee, I lay down to read on the couch in my living room. I’ve been taking my dear sweet time about finishing Deathkiller by the immortal and likely enlightened Spider Robinson. I was never going to read that one because the title made it sound like horror, but it’s not. It’s his usual goldmine of sci fi, puns and telepathy. A combined volume of Mindkiller and Time Pressure, which I have read twice, I was curious to see how he combined the two. Masterfully.

I’ve done absolutely nothing today but write 2 blogs, breathe, read and chant. I haven’t even bothered to wear anything but my nice warm robe. Oh, and there’s Scotch. I decided that since kirtan is jazz, it deserved the honor of the Glenlivet I picked up yesterday.

Around 7 pm I lit a fire in the woodstove and waited for the sun to set.

I had to freeze some water in the bottom of my glass for ice. Neither Tina nor I use ice enough to warrant taking up the freezer space, but it only took an hour to freeze enough on the bottom of the glass to cradle my Scotch correctly.

I wondered, as high as I am on sexual abstinence, breathwork, Qi Gong practice and cleansing, why bother with Scotch? No reason. And, as usual, I had to get past the first taste before I liked it again. At first, it just seems like something smokey and rotten. After a couple of sips, my taste buds slip into gear and I like it. I think the last time I had Scotch was with Eric at Oasis, at least 3 years ago. When he held my hand and I had to ask whether his girlfriend would be okay with that if she walked in. He allowed as how she would not, and released my hand.

Hmm, I have just ascertained that yes, I can safely load another log into the woodstove in the dark and tipsy without burning myself or anyting else except the wood. Hmm.

Another shot of Glenlivet?

Maybe, while I read a bit more and fall asleep within the next 30 minutes, I hope.

Good night,