Roots in Colorado

Okay, so here’s an idea I have.

I no longer want to be gypsy-ing quite so much. Traveling, yes, but I want a home base. It is clear to me I strongly prefer the Boulder, Colorado area. So, I would like to dig in and live here for real.

Up until now, I have never in my life even had the desire to own a home. I don’t know why. It just wasn’t a desire.

Now it is.

I’d like to own or share ownership in a home in or near Boulder, Colorado.

So, here’s my question, and I’m serious about this: 

Would you like to invest in real estate in Colorado? Would you like to live here?

The market is the lowest in years. Do your research. It could be a very good idea. I’d love to live above 7000 feet where it is cooler.

Maybe you (or someone you know) just receive a large inheritance or other form of income that you need to invest somewhere? Or do you just simply like the idea of owning property in Colorado?

I’m an excellent roommate and/or managing tenant.

Check inside… is anything in you leaning toward this idea?

I nearly did this with Joy’s place. Then she got an offer finally and sold it. So, that didn’t happen. I had a week and a half to move, and luckily Erin needed a roommate. It’s good there, really, but I want something more.

So, there it is. Write me back with ideas, suggestions, leads, whatever.



One Response to “Roots in Colorado”

  1. Zafar Says:

    Hey Stacy,
    Your posts made for some interesting reading. I too want to live in a community a few years from now. Its the next phase of human evolution, definitely! I am sure a lot of young adults are in the same frame of mind. I wonder if it would be possible to create a database of some sort.. people who are SERIOUS of making that shift so they pool their money for a few years while working to make it. Hmm.. I am going to do something about it in project Onederland.. see my website.
    and cheers for the new year!!

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