Can Lightening Strike Twice?

I think we all know that it can and does.

It’s like what Steven says about what we call “patterns.” Our minds evolved to notice the unusual. That way, when we saw something unfamiliar we could decide whether to eat it or run before it ate us.

We see the foreground, which is actually the unusual occurrence and miss the background, the common and usual.

That seems to be why many people say things like “life is hard.” Noticing the unusual, it would look that way. But we can truly come up with far more examples of how easy life is, if we really look. Our teeth grow, our hearts beat, we are fed and housed and clothed and loved – most of that happens most of the time without us having to stress and labor over remembering to take the next breath. Lately I’ve been working in an office that serves people who are diagnosed with what is called severe mental illness. (I don’t know that I agree, but that’s what it’s called.) These people are fed, housed, clothed, medicine is provided, and guidance, and opportunity to socialize. I believe the clinic serves about 200 people and this is only one location.

Anyway, yes, lightening can strike twice.

Last year Lori gave me an 86 Honda Accord for $10, virtually free. I sold it to pay for the last bit of my trip to Ireland. When I returned, I used Joy’s car for several months, combined with the Eco Pass from the job I held earlier that years. Then, just before snow season, Adam gave me his 83 Toyota Corolla for nothing because he had just bought a new car.

I’d say lightening – 2 free cars in one year and the use of one and a bus pass – struck at least twice, maybe 4 times there.

This year, a man who had a crush on me for 35 years called. We checked out the possibility of a relationship for the past 5 months. Truth is, it wouldn’t really fly.

Last week, lightening struck again.

Another beautiful soul has joined my life who wants to share living with me. Form of this TBD.

I’ll keep you posted.



“Love is the law. Love under will.”


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