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On Santa Fe

April 2, 2008

My roommate just asked me something that nearly everybody asks me at some point or another:

“Have you ever considered living in Santa Fe?”

After I said, “Absolutely not,” I gave her my Santa Fe spiel:

While I totally love visiting there – I like the people and it feels good there, there are 3 things that would keep me from living in Santa Fe:

NUMBER 1.  I don’t like adobe.

Did you know the building code in Santa Fe requires it?

And it isn’t just the adobe – it’s the whole dry, desert feel of the thing. I am in love with my mountains, my streams, my lakes and yes – the Colorado snow! I like a more lush feel with my dry air. That sounds contradictory, but Colorado is high desert. What that means is I get the pines – evergreens – the ever-greenness of the trees no matter what the season and with or without the snow, but the air is dry and it doesn’t grow the fungus and mold critters that make me sneeze my little watery-eyed head off when the humidity floods the air with moisture above about 20%.

So, my shorthand for all of that is:  I don’t like adobe.

NUMBER 2.  I don’t like Georgia O’Keefe.

Again, O’Keefe is a fine painter. I’m sure she is a fine person – I just don’t want her paintings on my walls or in my local coffee shops. I’m perfectly happy to see her work once in a blue moon or when I visit Santa Fe. Nor am I a big Chuck Jones fan.

Another decorating note, I’ll lump under this one is that I don’t much care for American Indian decor. Yes, I know. I still have those Mexian blankets that I use on the bed, but not because I really love them – it’s because they are warm! I basically don’t care for dead animals, bones and furs all over the place. (Glancing quickly around my new home to see what my roommate has. Okay, no skulls – this works. I love how my roommate decorates.)

And last, but not least:


IF green sauce is the default on my Mexican food – I’M IN THE WRONG STATE!!!


said the Texas Girl from Fort Worth.

That said, I’m looking forward to spending a weekend in Santa Fe with my friend, Joy.