Stacy’s New Rules for Dating


1.  No Republicans

2.  No one who voted for McCain

3.  No one who is rude or disparaging about Obama and the tough job ahead.

4.  No one who didn’t vote and is complaining.

5.  Only those who overall feel safe in the world.

6.  Only those who regularly take full responsibilty for themselves without blaming others and who, upon getting trapped into blame, know how to get out of the trap.





2 Responses to “Stacy’s New Rules for Dating”

  1. Morland Says:

    Isn’t that a LOT of people? (smiling)

    Actually, you could even say it is a majority of folks within the United States….at least for 1-4. For #5, I would say that the number of folks who don’t feel safe in the world (at least here in this country) haven’t traveled enough or made friends from other lands. Experiencing the hospitality of those who are different from you is often enough to create a common bond and see that we are more alike than we are different. (And the differences often don’t matter much in the scheme of things.)

    Ah…#6. That is the tough one, I’d imagine. It has been years since I’ve dated, but I’m not sure you’ll find too many folks that could pass this one. There is just too much guilt in the world, and there is almost always someone either blaming someone else or trapped into inaction by blame.

    Regardless, it is a good list and makes me wish I were dating again!

  2. Stacy Clark Says:

    Yes, Morland. I am sure it is.

    # 6 is, in fact, absolutely required.

    I know maybe 5 or 6 couples I can say seem to have a relatively happy, sane relationship and #6 is the first thing I found in common. #5 is a recent discover, withouth which, #6 is improbable.

    On a planet of 6 billion +/- people I only want to find one man who wants to be with me.

    Just one.

    ~ Stacy

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