Mema’s Eggnog Recipe

Every year my maternal grandmother, Mema, would fix eggnog for the evening she and Grandaddy trimmed the Christmas tree.  Mother says she will write a little blurb about eggnog for me to post with this.

Meanwhile, here is the recipe from my mother:

Mema’s Eggnog

6 eggs
2 cups sugar
2 pints whipping cream (too thick, better to use 1 pt whipping and 1 pt single cream)  (Mema’s note)
2 cups whiskey
Beat yolks, then add sugar slowly being sure it is dissolved. 

Pour whiskey into above miuxture slowly and beat good.

Whip cream and pour slowly into above.

Beat whites and fold in.
“That’s verbatim from Mema’s recipe card.  The stuff will knock you over it’s so strong.  She said the whiskey cooked the eggs.  Yeah, nice rationale.  Anyway, over the years, the amount of whiskey decreased until it vanished altogether.  And she always grated nutmeg on top. ”

So. There you have it.

Thank you, Mema! And thank you, Mother!



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