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Ozo Coffee in Boulder, Colorado

February 28, 2009

Greg, our local barista champion will be competing in the Semi-Finals round of the US Barista Championship on Saturday, March 7.
You can watch LIVE at:

And even if you don’t watch, well, I’m about to get all gushy about Ozo Coffee Shop . . .
I am a picky bitch when it comes to where I will go for coffee and tea. 
I have preferences about the coffee roasters, the tea brands, the decor, the music, food offered and moat important *whether or not there are COMFY CHAIRS*  !!!
In fact, friends have suggested that I create a directory of coffee shops in Boulder County.  I can do that… and then again, they do come and go a bit. It would need constant updating. But I’m willing if someone wants to do the techie part of it and put it on a web site.
Ozo Coffee Co
The have a profile on
5340 Arapahoe Ave
Boulder, CO 80303
(303) 440-0233

First, the BARISTAS!!!  I know most of them from previous shops. 
They are the ones who stood out, remembered my name, remembered my drink and went out of their way to be friendly, bent over backwards to do my little when-Harry-met-Sally requests.
Greg is there!  He’s the one competing for the championship.  He is AWESOME… and girls!!!  GREG IS SINGLE, 30, GORGEOUS AND OF JEWISH DESCENT.  (I knew him from Tea Spot.)
Justin is there!  Not sure of his marital status, but he is a charmer and a gentleman who will really do your coffee right.  (Forget where I know him from… hafta ask him.)
Liz is there… cute blonde, boys!  But we love her for her Coffee Skills!  I think I first met her at maybe Brewing Market?
MA is there!  She’s the dreadlocked sweetie from Cannon Mines in Louisville. 
There are others. That’s today’s morning crew…
2 lines, 2 barristas, 2 cashiers… and they really keep up…
Don’t worry if the line looks long. It’s deceptively FAST with all those COFFEE DANCERS behind the bar.  They are a Thing of Beauty to watch.
Okay, now it seems that Ozo is nearly the last bastion of the Comfy Chair in Boulder Coffee Shops… everyone else seems to have their hardbacked, get them outta here quick chairs (exept Trident on W. Pearl and Brewing Market Baseline, who have booth style bench seating… that works!)
The coffee is Allegro OR>>>>> Conscious Coffee!!!!  which is one of my 2 favorites (the other is Kind Coffee in Estes Park).
Tea… well, they have several suppliers, one of them is the Tulsi Teas… organic, basil-based a lot of them.
Decor?  Well, it’s fine… they could use a light for reading in the NW corner by the couches, but it’s fine.  (Me, I prefer the dark wood of Conor O’Neil or Turley’s or Tea Spot, may it rest in peace.  What I rreally don’t care for is the all pine of places like Java Java on Hwy 287 in Lafayette.  I like an Old English style living room feel to it, if you please.)
Food… you know, I’m so impressed with the barristas I forgot to really look… they have burritos, and the pastries look like Udi’s to me, in fact, I think they are.  (My favorite chocolate croissant is the one with the little *bar*  of chocolate in it that Spruce Confectioners makes).  Heck, Snarf’s, the best sandwich in Boulder is right next door with salads, too, is next door, if you don’t find what you want… you’re set.

Music… BLUEGRASS JAM every Sunday morning… and I’ve never had a reason to complain about what’s on the stereo (but if I want nice classical favorites, I go to Brewing Market by McGuckin’s or Folk to Cannon Mines (Cannon Mines hosts Wild Elf, an incredible Celtic Music trio with Gaffer, the famous Pearl Street harpist with the incredible baritone voice who tells the history and story of each piece he plays… LOVE him.)
But back to OZO…..
I ignored them for years because I don’t like Allegro Coffee, but they are winning awards with it. Greg has the roasted bean blend for the upcoming competition on the counter… give it a sniff… heavenly.
Okay, I’m done now.
For now.

~ Stacy Clark, MA
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