Cool Beans is Abandoning the Train Car!

Well, it’s coffee shop week, on the Stacy blog. I may have to write that Guide to Boulder County Coffee Shops after all.

Cool Beans Coffee, Happy Trails Bikes. . .

101 Hwy 119 South, Nederland, CO 80466, (303) 258-3435

The ones in the gorgeous, if aging, Buffalo Bill’s Circus train car in Nederland on Hwy 119, is MOVING OUT OF THE TRAIN CAR to a location across the street on March 31.

They have been in the train car for 15 years. It is my destination of choice for a short mountain drive through the deep canyon by Boulder Creek to Barker Reservoir. This one means far more to me than even the death of Penny Lane on Pearl St a couple of years back. (Not that either one is going to ruin my day, but still. Its passing must be noted.)

So, if you want to see it one more time, you have about 27 days. I will be posting photos I took today on my FaceBook profile and I will befriend anyone who says they are on Anna’s List if they want to see them.

Now would be the time to figure out how to post photos on WordPress, too.
Here is a link to a review:

The barista said “Change is good.”

I said, “Sometimes, but death is inevitable.”

So dies one of my favorite Colorado landmarks.

~ Stacy

~ Stacy Clark, MA

“This is no social crisis.
This is you having fun.”

– The Who, “Another Tricky Day”

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