So, how was my trip to Texas?

Really excellent.

I saw people I have not seen in 35 years – thanks to Facebook!  A couple of them grilled Sunday night and I stayed there, then got up and drove from their home. She and I both used to date this guy. Ah well. It was quite the time reminiscing. I’ve seen her since, but not him.

On the way down I stopped at a fruit stand and got pecans in the shell, some peach jam and some great hot sauce to take to my family. Friday evening I grilled chicken at Mother’s and every local member of my family (With nieces and nephews, that’s like … 12 people?)  except the niece who ditched. Not sure what happened, just that her mother was very upset.

By Friday evening, I had seen all members of my family, including a great visit with my father and his wife out near Weatherford. That left the rest of the weekend free. Also saw a guy from high school who is a DJ now for weddings and such, and a girl I met in elementary school Spanish class, who also took piano from my mother back when. She was out near where my father lives now, so we met at a coffee shop… Agape… she’s very over-the-top with her Christianity these days, which is fine for her.

Saturday I drove over to Dallas. My ex-husband bought lunch at this great Greek buffet. I had salad and chicken and humus. Then I met an ex-bf at LaMadeleine, the first place I ever had a cappuccino or a latte. He and I hung out till mid-evening and another friend, someone I’ve known since I was 13, came and went in his tux – he was dressed to play viola for a wedding.

Sunday I fixed a late and lazy brunch for Mother & her husband. Then went back to a friend’s home for above-mentioned grilling and stayed in their guest room.

The drive Monday took *way* longer than it should have because I stopped 2 or 3 times and used the internet at McD’s.  Oopsie. 

~ Stacy

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