Thursday, November 26

I cancelled the trip to Texas because Trillian, my calico cat, is still limping from a neighborly attack by the resident she-monster upstairs, belonging to the HOA president, Debbie.  To her credit, the minute she heard the ruckus, Debbie was out her door calling her cat off.

But my tiny little girl was chased up a tree and sprained her right front leg. She’s been limping for a week. However, today, she is gingerly walking on all four a lot of the time, as long as her dear brother, Puff, isn’t chasing her. In 30 minutes, when the Sun is fully up, Mr. Puff is going to have a little outing out of doors, away from his sister, who has retreated to the top of my wicker shelf. (It’s nice that I only paid $20 for it the way she is always climbing it.)

And me, rather than having a 14 to 16 hour drive to Fort Worth last night, slept on my own recently fluffed featherbed with a kitten under each arm.



One Response to “Thursday, November 26”

  1. Reid Tucker Says:

    aaawww, I miss the days when my cats slept on my bed with me. Bushy is unable to jump up to or down from my bed these days due to her hip dysplasia. I recall years ago when I had four cats. They all slept on my bed. Patches, who liked to snuggle, he would be right under my arm. Bushy, Rascal & Morris would each have a corner. Miss those days!

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