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Tantra, Polyamory, Meditation & Learning to Think

April 16, 2010

Someone on Facebook friended me because he thought I was into tantra. This is my reply:

How on Earth did someone claiming to be an analytical thinker get caught up in the superstitions of tantra and the like? No, don’t tell me. I kinda know. It was different. You had to try it. You were horny. Things like that.

Me, I started with all of that stuff and had to learn to think.

Once I did, none of that made sense. Pure superstition. I hope you enjoyed the Anti-Guru blog.

If you liked that, friend Duhism here and go look at

My father always said he didn’t understand why we had to love just one person. I was polyamorous at 13. My first poly relationship lasted 7 years off and on. Would be nice to find Anthony to see where he landed, but his last name is Smith and it has been fairly hopeless so far.

No, I am not saying I am “more satisfied, more mature, or somehow otherwise better off having [as you put it] moved to monogamy.” I did not “move to monogamy.” I simply recognized that I am. When I am really into someone, I don’t want anyone else. But it isn’t as simple as that, either. With some partners, I might enjoy relationships with other people. I have no idea till it happens. But clinging to “being poly” or “being monogamous” from some idealistic stand I’ve taken is stressful. All I did was notice what I do and when I do it. Peaceful to do that.

There is a meditation I recommend. Well, two.

One is “The Work of Byron Katie,” which will sound very analytical and I assure you it is not. Her questions are meant to be answered from *inside* not outside. And it takes a pile of Worksheets to delve into some of our nests of untrue thinking. There is a blog on that at

Katie’s site is where you will find her books, videos, and free hotline for facilitation.

The other is IAM Meditation. There are several of them. Below is my affiliate link.

There are 2 schools of meditation: the purification methods, which most people know, whereby you spend hours and years and lifetimes sitting and hoping and practicing, never really “reaching” your “goal.” Then there is the recognition path. You’re there. Just notice. Myself, I prefer the latter and that is what IAM is.

You will find a fairly long, free introductory video here:

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So, there, in a nutshell is about a decade of my learning. Well, my whole life, if you read my anonymous blog. I am Ann O’Johnson. Be aware that I no longer believe what I wrote in many of the earlier blogs. Astrology, for example. But I leave it up. It’s part of the story.