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A Year and 2 Months?

July 10, 2011

This almost doesn’t surprise me.  I’ve been sending my words into a different venue for almost exactly a year and 2 months. My goodness.

I was just in Texas last Monday to visit family and friends. It was hot, but they kept their agreement and they kept me in air conditioned boxes while I was there, and I only stayed several hours. Still working in the same job that I love. Started on a doctorate in education in January 2011.  Liking it, though I’m not yet finding the like-minded others I would prefer.  Still wanting a mentor, though most likely, I’ll have to train one for my dissertation committee.  There is no scholarly research, yet, on what I’m working on. Current working title:  Happiness:  Can We Teach It?

Martin Seligman wrote an article you can look up called “Can We Teach Happiness?”  Almost made me want to shift and go to U of Pennsylvania to study, but I doubt that is in my future, really.  I’m just about married to living in Colorado.

Still single.

That’s about it for the update.  I’ll see about writing more somewhere, sometime.

~ Stacy