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Why I Have No Voice Today

June 18, 2014

Why I have no voice:  I should not drink milk in my coffee when the humidity is high.  🙂

     Every year twice a year when I lived in Texas, I would get the same allergy attack when the humidity was up in Fall and Spring.
     Am allergic to fungus & mold.
     Discovered later that drinking milk made it much worse.
     Moved to a high desert with less humidity, less allergy.  Sometimes none!
     I thought I was out of the woods this year and wasn’t going to have any allergy, then last week we had rains every afternoon.  I was doing okay, just a little itchiness and sneezing here and there.  Then, on Wednesday evening, a friend called on her way home from work and asked if I had eaten.  I had just had chicken soup and wasn’t hungry, but I agreed to go with her for company.
     We went to a lovely place on Main St., called Bittersweet (That should have been a clue!)  I knew coffee would be a temptation because theirs is very good.  Not only did I succumb to coffee, I had a frozen coffee drink.  They made it poorly, not enough ice and not enough chocolate, so I made them re-do it.  I barely drank 1/4 of a cup. (Stored the rest in my fridge.  Poured it out when I discovered how sick it was making me.)
     But 1/4 cup was enough.  By Thursday afternoon, I was at my women’s group and having chills and aches all over.  Friday morning I went to a meeting at work, but went home sick afterwards.  I was in bed all day Saturday, taking 5 naps ad the 6th one finally going to sleep.  Sunday I went to the hot tub/sauna hoping to clear it up for good, but no.  Monday I sounded too horrible and felt too bad to even try to go to work.
     Last night, I was up from 12:30 am to 3:30 am with sinus pain.  I drank a cup of hot ginger tea, got a hot washrag on it several times, took Ibuprofen and finally went back to sleep.
     Today, I decided to go in and see how I did.  And by going in and talking so much today, it has progressed, as usual, as it has for 40 years, to laryngitis.
     It’s a shame I like creamy coffee.  I should avoid it completely, really, no matter what the weather or humidity.  But sometimes I am just human.  I’m tired and coffee feels good.  🙂
     We’ll see how tomorrow goes.
     This is one of those things I’ve explained to a dozen people a year for 40 years.  I should write it up on a little flyer to hand out.  🙂