Blogging – Yes




Yes. I get a “yes” or “truth” sensation about blogging.

I’m not getting “yes” on very much of anything right now.  I was hoping to have a new page up for this by today, but I don’t. And I get a “yes” on blogging. So here I am. Blogging.

I don’t exactly know why or what will come of it, but it feels right and that means a whole lot in my book. I’ve read about how you can make money blogging. It’s mostly through advertising on your site and through things you sell. Ebooks.  I could write and sell some ebooks. I’ll have to learn about the advertising bit – and be picky about it and not overload the page with that if I do it.

I have a lot more to say. I checked and between two sites, I’ve written almost 500 blogs, mostly several years ago.

This blog is called “Living Intuitively.” The new blog will be on a similar theme, but I want to focus on how to know when we are lying, and some on how to know truth. It’s by gut feel.

There is a lot of information and misinformation about this out there.

Lies are easier to know, in a way. There is a lot of research on how inaccurate a “feeling of knowing” can be.

If I’m going to write about lies and truth, I’ll do my best to say what is true!

I’ll link here when things get going, but until then, I do at least have this space for writing.




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