Truth Blog

I’ve spent weeks wanting to start a NEW blog.

You know, WordPress based, with pictures and … “circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining…” Okay, nevermind. Some of you got the joke.

But I don’t have the first idea how to get the lovely template I was given to LOOK like anything!


Finally, today, rather than bemoaning my lack of WordPress skill, I decided to at least begin recording something here.

Thank you.

The new blog (when I find someone to help me with it) will focus on Truth. But I will not. I repeat not get bogged down in fruitless discussions about how to define it. Why is clearly illustrated in the following quote from the inimitable Spider Robinson:

“Even those of us who pay only lip service to the truth know what it is, deep down in our hearts. And we all believe in it, and know it when we see it. Even the best rationalization can fool only the surface mind that manufactures it; there is something beneath, call it the heart or the conscience, that knows better. It tenses up like a stiff neck muscle when you lie, in proportion to the size of the lie, and if it stiffens enough it can kill you for revenge. Ask Richard Corey.

Most people seem to me, in my cynical moments, to keep things stabilized at about the discomfort of a dislocated shoulder or a tooth about to abscess. They trade honesty off in small chunks for pleasure, and wonder that their lives hold so little joy. Joy is incompatible with tensed shoulders and a stiff neck.

You become uneasy with people in direct proportion to how many lies you have to keep track of in their presence.”  

Spider Robinson

Sorry about the font problem there. I can’t find anything that lets me set the FONT!  I’ll find help and fix that.

Anyway, that’s about all I have to say about defining truth.

More soon. (I hope.)




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