About Stacy Ann Clark

When I started this blog, I lived near Boulder, Colorado, USA. I love to travel. For the last 8 years, I’ve often visited Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. Suddenly, I found myself moving here in April 2015. I suspect I’ll only be here 2 or 3 years, but for now, Ten Thousand Waves is practically in my backyard and one of my favorite friends is my roommate.  Gotta love that.

I started this personal blog because I have spent a lot of time sending weekly emails to my friends and family called “The Weekend Update.”

I’m not sure yet where it is going, but I noticed this About page was way out of date, so this should help just a bit.

For more, please visit my professional web site at www.stacyannclark.com where you can learn how to connect with me for information, sessions, classes and public speaking on truth and healing sexual abuse issues in a very deep and complete way.


One Response to “About Stacy Ann Clark”

  1. Craig Says:

    Hey there girlie…The company just added a web proxy server for some dumb reason and I’m now blocked off of Google at work! Drop me an email at Craig.Pizzuti@lpsvcs.com so we can keep in touch every now and then…Hope things are going well darlin’…Take care…

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