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The Origins of Fibromyalgia

March 9, 2009

I filed Worker’s Comp on my wrists in 1992. 

Back then no one had any idea what was wrong with me. It wasn’t Carpal Tunnel at all.  They called it “tendonitis” and told me tendons had to be rested to heal (different from muscles – where you work it out). I started seeing Network Chiropractors and got *some* relief, but it never really addressed *any* of the pain in my joints… ever.
I now do some exercises called “Egoscue,” and they help a LOT. (Thank you, Tim.)
Over the years, I have put this together with other bodily situations and come up with a lot.
When I was in elementary school, I used to complain that it hurt my legs to walk to school. Not knowing of my genetic intolerance for carbohydrates, the way the resulting over-production of insulin would cause severe and painful inflammation in my body, Mother told me I’d get used to it.
I never did.
I had just had sugary cereal or cinnamon toast or something else with WAY too many carbs for my insulin impaired body to handle.  My joints began to swell, but it wasn’t noticeable for several more years.
It hurt to run in PE, so I didn’t. I walked… starting in elementary school with Mrs. Washuta all annoyed at me and Theresa for not running.
When I went out dancing with my friend, Jimmy Cook, I could never dance for very long without being in pain. So I rested a lot. Eventually, by the time I was with Martha in 1985, all I did was dance in my chair.
This extra causes weight gain. 

Insulin is a hormone that tells the body to HOLD FAT. Duh. 

And of course, since movement is so painful, we don’t get enough exercise, which makes all of this even worse.

Now, with this information on carbohydrates, I  know why the raw food diet works for me:  you can’t usually eat carbs unless they are cooked!
3 days on a raw food diet and the pain goes away considerably. 10 days and I lose weight.
Carbohydrates are the biggest problem. This means:  no bread, no sandwiches, no pasta, no potatoes, no fries, no rice, no corn chips. 
The only things that don’t cause me problems are (preferably raw) fruits and veggies and fish, meat, chicken.
If I stick to that, I hurt less and lose weight… if I don’t, it’s the opposite.
I recently read this paragraph in the book, “The Fat Flush Diet,” and that is when suddenly more of these things made sense:
Insulin, Inflammation and Fat Storage
“a diet high in pro-inflammatory, fast-acting or high glycemic carbohydrates (starches and simple sugars) keeps insulin levels elevated, which promotes fat accumulatio. Since insulin is a fat storage hormone and excess fat storage is a strong producer of pro-inflammatory molecules, a vicious cycle is triggered.  It is now believed that inflammation, like insulin, is one of the underlying factors in weight gain, loss of muscle mass, and aging. Abnormal inflammation has been tied to a variety of diseases… ”   (It goes on to list heart disease, strokes, cancer and just all kinds of things.)
There is a chapter on it in the book.
So . . .
Things Stacy Eats

Raw, live fruits & vegetables
Salmon & shellfish (and other fish, but those are my favorites), cooked or raw
   Note: Sushi has rice and is not all raw 
Seaweed (with no oil or vinegar)  I like wakame and hijiki and arame. They are a mood thing. The minerals in the sea vegetables help me to stay awake and conscious for a normal day.

Things Stacy Should Not Eat:
Nightshades – cause pain in my joints

Potatoes – often listed as “modified food starch”
Peppers – green, red, yellow, cayenne, paprika, jalapenos… no peppers
Eggplant – I don’t like it that much, so no big deal
Oils & Fats – they break my face out. 
I like butter & mayonnaise, so I eat it sometimes, but otherwise, I try to stay off the oily stuff.  Olive oil, ironically, breaks me out faster than canola oil and other types.

Vinegar – it’s in most salad dressing so I use avocados or none at all. No olives or pickles (which is a bitch, I love them)  It makes it very difficult to walk the next day.
Citrus fruits – about the same as vinegar, but I will drink OJ and use lemon juice sometimes( and pay the consequences in pain and inflammation)

Salt – including anything that is very salty – this one is *really* rough because I crave salt (especially after caffeine since it is a diuretic.)

Starches – bloat me and don’t move through me very well. 
Wheat – includes no bread, no pasta
Rice – although I will eat it sometimes
Corn – ditto

(and remember… no potatoes)
Caffeine  – and makes me crave salt

White sugar – I use sugar in the raw, natural sugar or succanat. Maple syrup is easier than other sugars. I’m seriously hypoglycemic. I manage it with chromium when I need to. Ideally, I shouldn’t add any sugar at all to anything.
Corn syrup – high fructose corn syrup is in nearly everything. For years, not knowing about the carbohydrate/sugar problems, I would buy Hagen Dazs Ice Cream because most of theirs don’t have corn syrup.
MSG – causes jitteriness at first, then as my bloodsugar drops, I can pass out – this is usually 24 hours later. Means no shitake mushrooms.
That’s most of it. 
So an ideal day is an apple for breakfast, a big salad with salmon for lunch, and as little dinner as I can manage to do. Eating after 5 or 6 pm is a bad idea.
🙂  You try it, knowing it’s how you should eat for the rest of your life.
It seems to be the only thing that works.
Daughter/Sister/Aunt . . . Stacy