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Peace Now – Inner Peace Thoughts for 9/11

September 11, 2007


Just in case some of you want to know about this . . .

Please Pass It On to Others!

The Call is Thursday 9/13

Do you know Gay Hendricks? He’s written over 30 best-selling transformational books — books about relationships, breathing, manifestation, even golf!

Gay is are offering an upcoming teleclass that I’d like to invite you to attend at no charge.

Here’s Gay’s message about the class:

   When I was in Boulder recently, I had dinner with an old friend,    Steven Sashen. He’s one of the best “system thinkers” I know. If you want to know what REALLY makes something work, or how to make something more powerful or efficient, he’s your guy. He and I are teaming up on a new meditation course that will be offered via teleseminar.

   Steven is a longtime meditator. And when he turned his systems-thinking scope on meditation he discovered something that truly impressed me, a set of insights and practices that I wish I’d had 30 years ago. (Some of you know that I’m a longtime  meditator–in fact, I haven’t missed a day of meditation since 1973. So, anything that fine-tunes meditation is right up my alley.)

   If I’d had Steven’s insights and techniques, I think it would have accelerated my practice and my spiritual growth by years. He’s taken people who are new to meditation or who couldn’t make it work  for them – he’s even worked with teenagers and homeless people–and after just a few minutes of instruction, they’ve had experiences of peace, and deep spiritual insights that take most meditators decades to find.

   Steven’s techniques work well for advanced meditators, too. If you already have a meditation or spiritual practice, you can make an almost instant leap to a new depth and expansion.

   With Steven’s techniques you don’t need to stop (or even slow down) your thoughts and you don’t need to take time out from your busy schedule. You can do them practically anywhere.

   I could tell you more, it would be better for you to experience it yourself. So, I’ve arranged a way for you to do that.

       Go to
   When you get to the site, fill out the registration form and I’ll let you know about an upcoming free teleclass where you can discover for yourself how easily you can find deep body relaxation, greatly expanded awareness, and real inner-peace…even while the kids are demanding your attention or work is getting nuts.

   I hope you’ll join me for this new and exciting opportunity,

   Gay Hendricks

The teleclass is going to be really fun and interesting and there’s a chance to get a $400 gift. I hope you can make it, too.

presented by Garuda, Inc.

Have fun!


“It is no sign of mental health to be well-adjusted to an insane world.”

                 The Dalai Lama


A Lifetime Dream

August 15, 2007

Two posts today – Roots & A Lifetime Dream

I thought maybe I’d just share with you my vision of my eventual ideal living arrangement.  I’ve had this dream for maybe 20 years, probably ever since I lived in the ashram in Texas, although it has roots in being born into a family of 6, I’m sure.

It’s taken 20 years or more already, and there is no telling what actually doing it will eventually take.

I had always thought I’d find a husband and we’d do this together, but that isn’t happening, so I thought I’d put my dream out once again and see what comes back.

I want to live in an intentional community. I was reading The Intentional Communities Directory in print before we all had PC’s at home. Now it’s online. I have yet to find one that sounds like my tribe. So, I may have to create it.

Remember when I was considering being a managing tenant at Joy’s? The idea was to get 2 roommates, finish the basement for a 3rd roommate and/or a classroom, and start my own. Then she got an offer and sold the house.

My dream community has various living spaces from rooms to full apartments or homes for up to 20 or 30 people, or maybe as few as 10. I’m not fond of the idea of children in the space, but it might be unavoidable for that size group.

There would be a classroom or two, more like a lounge area, a very large communal kitchen, hot tub, and the like. I’m not into gardening, but I imagine others will want that, so I suppose there would be enough property for some kind of gardening.

There would be singing and chanting groups and I need a guitarist-in-residence.

Meditation time & space would be available morning, noon and night, though not a requirement.

Some of us would work full time there, teachers, an IT manager, maybe a cook. Others might hold jobs elsewhere.

We might organize as a church or nonprofit.

So, that’s most of it. I can’t think of anything else right now.

Thanks for reading.



Roots in Colorado

August 14, 2007

Okay, so here’s an idea I have.

I no longer want to be gypsy-ing quite so much. Traveling, yes, but I want a home base. It is clear to me I strongly prefer the Boulder, Colorado area. So, I would like to dig in and live here for real.

Up until now, I have never in my life even had the desire to own a home. I don’t know why. It just wasn’t a desire.

Now it is.

I’d like to own or share ownership in a home in or near Boulder, Colorado.

So, here’s my question, and I’m serious about this: 

Would you like to invest in real estate in Colorado? Would you like to live here?

The market is the lowest in years. Do your research. It could be a very good idea. I’d love to live above 7000 feet where it is cooler.

Maybe you (or someone you know) just receive a large inheritance or other form of income that you need to invest somewhere? Or do you just simply like the idea of owning property in Colorado?

I’m an excellent roommate and/or managing tenant.

Check inside… is anything in you leaning toward this idea?

I nearly did this with Joy’s place. Then she got an offer finally and sold it. So, that didn’t happen. I had a week and a half to move, and luckily Erin needed a roommate. It’s good there, really, but I want something more.

So, there it is. Write me back with ideas, suggestions, leads, whatever.


Very Moving News

March 9, 2007

“Ladles & Jellyspoons,

I come before you to stand behind you to tell you something you already know. Next Tuesday, which is Good Friday, there will be a mother’s meeting for fathers only. Admission is free. Pay at the door. Grab a seat and sit on the floor.”

That’s all I can remember of a little ditty on a 45 record my mother had when I was a a child. I was reminded of it when I read Spider Robinson’s speech to a fan convention as printed in Time Travelers Strictly Cash . His is funnier, but it’s at home.


Well, that’s what I’m writing about, isn’t it?

After nearly a year (minus a month in the green green grass of Ireland, perhaps an ancestral home and 2 weeks housesitting on a mountain) in the home of the lovely Audrey, who is so much more to me than just a friend, I am moving to the home of the equally lovely Elizabeth, of whom I could say much the same. I am a lucky girl!

Audrey’s home is sold and Elizabeth needs a roommate, preferably someone she knows. Me, too!  So much nicer to live with a known friend. I’ll admit there is some sadness at leaving Audrey’s, we had started to consider a more permanent arrangement when the offer came in, but she really does need to let go of this house, as she now lives and thrives in scenic Santa Fe.

If I sound a little too animated about it, it may be because this will be my 7th home in 2 years. I admit that I am a flexible, adaptable person. Still, I’m ready to settle in somewhere, and I have high hopes for my new home with Elizabeth.

Cell phone is the same.

Let me know if you have an hour or two to hoist a couple of boxes into a car or truck and come see where I’m going. I have 2 men with strong arms (Thank you T & P!) helping with the couches. I’m not moving the things out of storage just yet. I’m going to unpack the basics first.

Keep those cards & letters coming!

Blessings and love, y’all, (always a Texan deep in my heart)