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Peace Now – Inner Peace Thoughts for 9/11

September 11, 2007


Just in case some of you want to know about this . . .

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The Call is Thursday 9/13

Do you know Gay Hendricks? He’s written over 30 best-selling transformational books — books about relationships, breathing, manifestation, even golf!

Gay is are offering an upcoming teleclass that I’d like to invite you to attend at no charge.

Here’s Gay’s message about the class:

   When I was in Boulder recently, I had dinner with an old friend,    Steven Sashen. He’s one of the best “system thinkers” I know. If you want to know what REALLY makes something work, or how to make something more powerful or efficient, he’s your guy. He and I are teaming up on a new meditation course that will be offered via teleseminar.

   Steven is a longtime meditator. And when he turned his systems-thinking scope on meditation he discovered something that truly impressed me, a set of insights and practices that I wish I’d had 30 years ago. (Some of you know that I’m a longtime  meditator–in fact, I haven’t missed a day of meditation since 1973. So, anything that fine-tunes meditation is right up my alley.)

   If I’d had Steven’s insights and techniques, I think it would have accelerated my practice and my spiritual growth by years. He’s taken people who are new to meditation or who couldn’t make it work  for them – he’s even worked with teenagers and homeless people–and after just a few minutes of instruction, they’ve had experiences of peace, and deep spiritual insights that take most meditators decades to find.

   Steven’s techniques work well for advanced meditators, too. If you already have a meditation or spiritual practice, you can make an almost instant leap to a new depth and expansion.

   With Steven’s techniques you don’t need to stop (or even slow down) your thoughts and you don’t need to take time out from your busy schedule. You can do them practically anywhere.

   I could tell you more, it would be better for you to experience it yourself. So, I’ve arranged a way for you to do that.

       Go to
   When you get to the site, fill out the registration form and I’ll let you know about an upcoming free teleclass where you can discover for yourself how easily you can find deep body relaxation, greatly expanded awareness, and real inner-peace…even while the kids are demanding your attention or work is getting nuts.

   I hope you’ll join me for this new and exciting opportunity,

   Gay Hendricks

The teleclass is going to be really fun and interesting and there’s a chance to get a $400 gift. I hope you can make it, too.

presented by Garuda, Inc.

Have fun!


“It is no sign of mental health to be well-adjusted to an insane world.”

                 The Dalai Lama


Hey Hey! Hee Hee! Get Offa My Moon!

April 21, 2007

I read yesterday on that Saturn just went direct in Leo. My Moon (emotional nature) is in Leo, so I wondered how close it was. Well, it’s exactly on my Moon! And my Uranus!

What does that reflect?

Saturn is the planet of authority, structure, restriction and limitations. The Moon, of course, represents our emotional nature. Uranus is change, illumination, invention.

So, right now Saturn is on top of my Moon in Leo, my exhibitionist, outgoing, me me me, centerstage emotions. And Uranus… my freedom, change, inventiveness is similarly restricted.

I accept that I have a much more outgoing nature than most. I always end up the center of attention. I almost can’t help it. It irritates people sometimes. That’s just how I’m built. I’ve mostly learned to accept it. But right now that part of me, my emotions, feel very restricted, unable to move and flow. The interpretations I found said also that I am unable to find comfort in the ways I normally would. Yes, that would reflect my current experience.

That’s exactly what is happening. My whole sense of my feeling self right now is exactly that. Saturn is a slow moving planet and has been pretty much right there since December 2006. That explains a LOT of things!

Funny how this astrology stuff works.

Luckily, Saturn just went direct and will be going elsewhere. I am looking forward to that shift in the cosmos!

But it looks like it isn’t out of orb of influence until late JULY!!!!

I am annoyed. I’ve written to my favorite Capricorn astrologer for illumination. Saturn rules Capricorn. He probably knows about these things, maybe has some positive light to shed on it all.

I hope so.

That’s all for today. Just my Saturn conjunct Leo Moon/Uranus rant.